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Peden Stadium Tower Club
There will no longer be a distinction between "Gold" and "Platinum" seating sections in the Tower Club. From this point forward, all seats will simply be known as the "Tower Club" and will carry the same per-seat donation: $175 per seat regardless of location.

Peden Stadium "O" Section
What are 500 seats at the 50 yard-line missing at Peden Stadium? A comfortable chair-back seat. Plastic chair-back seats will be installed for seats in the following locations at Peden Stadium. The seats occupy the area on the Tower side of the Peden Stadium where the block "O" is built into the existing bleachers. To help off-set the cost of these new seats and to provide scholarship support for our student-athletes, we will now ask any season ticket holder in this new section to make a $50 per seat donation to the Ohio Bobcat Club.

Section 104, Rows 11-33, Seats 15-27 in each Row
Section 105, Rows 11-33, Seats 1-13 in each Row

Football season ticket holders from the 2011 season sitting in the "O" Section will have first right of refusal for their seats in the 2012 Football season.

Donations that Qualify for Benefits
Presently: Any donation to Ohio Athletics, regardless of designation (ex. Specific sports or facility enhancements) counts towards your membership level and benefits from the Ohio Bobcat Club.

Moving Forward: We encourage all donors to consider our need to increase fundraising to offset increased scholarship demands. Starting July 1, 2012, donations made to a specific sport, facility enhancement, or project fund will no longer "count" towards Ohio Bobcat Club levels and benefits. To avoid missing out on benefits, indicate "Ohio Bobcat Club Annual Fund" as your designation for future donations.

Exceptions to this rule will be:

  • Donations towards the Baumholtz Club for Baseball. Baumholtz Club donations will still count towards Baseball reserved tickets, but no other existing Ohio Bobcat Club benefits.

Silver Section Seating in the Convocation Center
Our Men's Basketball program is on the rise, and as ticket demand increases in the Convocation Center, so does our desire to provide our season ticket holders with the best possible experience. This year, our "Silver Section" seats will be reupholstered and looking good for the 2012-2013 season. To help cover costs and to provide additional funding to the Ohio Bobcat Club, we are now asking ticket holders in the "Silver Sections" to make a $25 per seat donation to the Ohio Bobcat Club. Current season ticket holders in these sections will have first right of refusal for their seats in the 2012-2013 Men's Basketball season.

Sections: 105, 106, 109, 115, 116, 119, 120