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In order for your Ohio Bobcats to maintain their recent individual and team successes, membership giving levels and per-seat donations for Men's Basketball will be increased for the 2013-14 seasons. These changes insure that we can continue to provide the required resources to achieve athletic prominence and academic progress. We encourage you to review the Ohio Bobcat Club brochure by clicking here as it will include a detailed look at the new giving levels and associated benefits as well as the new per-seat donations for Men's Basketball.

The Ohio Bobcat Club will be implementing the following:

  • Beginning with the 2013-14 season, an increase in the per-seat donation for the following Men's Basketball premium seat areas; Bobcat Black, Platinum, and Gold.
  • After July 1, 2013, a majority of the Ohio Bobcat Club membership levels will be increased, the first increase in our giving levels in three years.

Please note that your membership level as of June 30, 2013, based on the membership levels utilized during 2012-13, will be honored during the 2013-14 year.

We understand that you may have other areas of philanthropic interest and we appreciate that Ohio Athletics continues to benefit from your generosity. You may contact us with any questions at (740) 593-1176 or send us an email at bobcatclub@ohio.edu. Again, we cannot thank you enough for "Standing behind OHIO" as Ohio Athletics continues to be a source of pride for our students, alumni, Athens and Ohio. Thank you for all that you do for Ohio.


New Ohio Bobcat Club Membership Levels as of July 1, 2013

Bobcat Legend: $10,000 and AboveHall of Fame: $5,500 - $9,999
Player of the Year: $3,500 - $5,499All-American - $2,000 - $3,499
All-Conference: $1,500 - $1,999Captain: $750 - $1,499
Letterwinner: $350 - $749Walk-On: $150 - $349
Bobcat Fan: $75 - $149

To review the current membership levels go to www.ohiobobcats.com/bobcatclub/

Men's Basketball Per-Seat Contributions Changes beginning in 2013-14

Bobcat Black: $1,000 / $750        Platinum: $175        Gold: $75


Why Are These Changes Being Made?
Our department is facing a decline in the financial support from the University. In order to maintain the academic and athletic level of excellence attained by our student-athletes we need to identify additional areas of resources.

Furthermore, these changes were made to ensure the proper allocation of benefits. We recognize that in order to provide a better donor experience we need to make some changes to address challenges we face in our donor parking and hospitality areas.

When Are My Gifts Due In Order To Avoid An Interruption of Benefits?
Your membership level as of June 30, 2013, based on the membership levels utilized during 2012-13, will be honored during 2013-14. Those that have not renewed prior to this date will be asked to renew at the new membership levels listed above.

For example, Rufus Bobcat is a Captain level member within the Ohio Bobcat Club. His most recent gift of $600 to the Ohio Bobcat Club Annual Fund was made in May 2012, which means his 2012-13 Ohio Bobcat Club Annual Fund giving total is $0. If Rufus Bobcat were to renew his support at $600 prior to June 30, 2013 he would continue to receive the same benefits in 2013-14. However, if Rufus Bobcat did not renew prior to June 30 he would need to make a contribution of $750 to maintain his Captain level membership.

Please note that gifts made after June 30th cannot be added to the previous year's giving total. For example, Rufus Bobcat's 2012-13 Ohio Bobcat Club Annual Fund Giving Total is $0. He makes a $350 contribution in June 2013 for his Tower Club seats. If he did not make another $250 gift prior to June 30 then after July 1 he would need to make a $750 contribution to get back to Captain level membership.

As a reminder, per seat contributions are due prior to the start of the corresponding season.

Will The Gift I Make Towards My Seat Contribution Count Towards My Membership Level?
Yes. All of your giving from July 1 - June 30 to the Ohio Bobcat Club Annual Fund, including seat contributions, is counted towards your membership level.

For example, if Rufus Bobcat has two Tower Club seats ($175/seat) and two Platinum seats ($175/seat) he would have a premium seat obligation for 2013-14 of $700. He is also an All-Conference level member and would need to make an additional $500 contribution to bring his annual total to $1,200. After July 1, 2013 he would have to make a total contribution of $1,500 which would maintain his desired level of membership and cover premium seating obligations as well.