Ohio Bobcat Club
Hospitality Village


On September 8, 2012, the Ohio Bobcat Club will introduce the newest pre-game hospitality experience for Ohio football fans. For each home football game this year, Ohio Bobcat Club members can enjoy the company of other Bobcat fans in the new Ohio Bobcat Club Hospitality Village.

What can members expect at the Ohio Bobcat Club Hospitality Village?

Access: ALL current Ohio Bobcat Club members will have access to the Ohio Bobcat Club Hospitality Village. Simply show your membership card at the entrance for admittance to you and your household.

Guests: Members are allowed and encouraged to bring up to two guests per game. Ohio Bobcat Club members above the All-American ($1,800+) level are granted access for an unlimited amount of guests.

Location: The Ohio Bobcat Club Hospitality Village is located at the corner of Richland Avenue and Shafer Street, just across the street from Pepsi TailGreat Park. Look for the giant inflatable Rufus, who will mark the entrance.

Hours: The Ohio Bobcat Club Hospitality Village will open three hours prior to kickoff and will close at kickoff for each game.

Food & Drinks: Inexpensive food and drink options are available in the Ohio Bobcat Club Hospitality Village. Kiser’s BBQ, Brent Hawk Catering, and the Atrium Café have teamed up with Ohio Athletics to provide several $5 meal options that will include a main dish (such as a BBQ pulled pork sandwich) with two sides. Each week will bring different food options, and there will always be at least two choices to pick from. Ohio Bobcat Club members with their email on file will have the menu for each game emailed to them the week prior to the game.

Southeast Beverage will have their chilled beer-trailer in the Village every week with two beer options, one wine option, and a specialty drink option that will change weekly. For $5, a three-drink ticket may be purchased for use at the beverage trailer. Pepsi products will also be available for purchase and ice water will be provided for free for those looking for non-alcoholic options. So, for example, a group of three could eat/drink for the following:

  - 3 meals: $15
  - (1) 3-drink ticket: $5
  - 2 cups of ice water: FREE
  - Total: $20

Entertainment: Four flat-screen televisions will be tuned into out-of-market college football games each week so you can keep up on the action from around the nation, and a bounce-house will provide a fun place for children to play.

Shade: A large, 60’ x 30’ tent will provide shaded seating for all our guests to relax and socialize before the game.

Give-aways: To reward Ohio Bobcat Club members, a prize give-away will be given out at each home game to someone who has checked-in at the Hospitality Village. What kind of prizes? Hint: for the New Mexico State game on September 8, the winner will take home an autographed black football helmet by head coach, Frank Solich.

Parking: The Ohio Bobcat Club Hospitality Village is a short walk from any donor parking lot, and is just steps away from Peden Stadium