Enrolled student-athletes are permitted to be employed during the regular academic year as well as during official vacation periods. Prior to the student-athlete's employment they must receive written approval to work during the academic year from the Associate Athletics Director for Compliance and Student Services. This contract contains information and agreements ensuring compliance with NCAA student-athlete employment legislation.

Please note the following restrictions regarding the employment of student-athletes:

  1. Student-athletes may be paid only for work actually performed.
  2. Student-athletes must be paid at a rate commensurate with the going rate in that locality for similar services.
  3. Transportation may not be provided to student-athletes unless it is a benefit provided to all employees.
  4. A student-athlete may not be paid on the basis of his/her athletics ability, reputation or fame.
  5. Employers may not advertise a student-athlete's employment to generate extra business, nor may they use a student-athlete's name or picture to advertise, promote, or recommend the sale or use of any commercial product or service.
  6. A student-athlete cannot endorse a company or employer through public advertising mediums.
  7. Student-athletes cannot be provided with any benefits not provided to other employees. This includes the use of vehicles, transportation to or from work, meals, loans, advances, or time off with pay.

A. In order to be employed by any source from which you will receive employment income, you must complete the following documents:

  1. Student-Athlete Employment Agreement 
  2. Student-Athlete/Employer Written Statement  (Part I and III)

B. Read the information and sign the Student-Athlete Employment Agreement. Fill in all requested information on the Written Statement Document Part I, and sign Part III.

  1. Prospective Employer Letter

Have your employer read the prospective employer letter, and sign the Student-Athlete/Employer Written Statement.

C. Return both the Employment Agreement and Written Statement documents to Associate Athletics Director, 417 Peden Stadium.