Question of the Week

Week of 03/09/09

Are athletically related activities for teams outside their playing season permissible this week?

No, because it is the week prior final exams. Bylaw states that for sports other than football, all athletically related activities outside the playing season are prohibited one week prior to the beginning of the final examination period for the applicable academic term through the conclusion of each student-athlete's final exams.

Does a student-athlete's demonstration of a skill during a sports camp or clinic count toward their weekly hour limitations?

Yes. In an August 18, 2008 staff interpretation, it was determined that in sports other than football it is permissible to assemble members of an institution's athletics team with remaining eligibility for demonstration purposes in conjunction with a sports camp or clinic that occurs outside the playing season in the student-athletes' sport only if the demonstration is included with the weekly hour limitations outside of the playing season.