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Financial Aid Liaison Lauren Ashman
Textbooks Liaison Erik Hildebrand
Student Receivables Liaison Lauren Ashman
NCAA Special Assistance Fund Erik Hildebrand/
NCAA Student-Athlete Opportunity Fund Amy Dean
Student-Athlete Billing or Disbursement Lauren Ashman
Student-Athlete Scholarship Lists Lauren Ashman
NCAA/MAC Squad List Lauren Ashman
International Student-Athlete Billing/Disbursement Lauren Ashman
National Letter of Intent Erik Hildebrand
Accountability of Non-Athletics Aid Lauren Ashman
Cancellation/Reduction of Scholarships Lauren Ashman
Initiating Scholarships/Renewing Scholarship Lauren Ashman
NCAA Team Aid Limit Lauren Ashman
Outside Scholarships Lauren Ashman
Student-Athlete Employment Erik Hildebrand
Student-Athlete Housing/Dining Services Erik Hildebrand
Off-Campus Housing Registration Erik Hildebrand
Financial Aid/Scholarship Administrative Duties Lauren Ashman
Financial Aid Interpretations Lauren Ashman
Registrars' Office Liaison Erik Hildebrand
Admissions Erik Hildebrand
Initial/Transfer Evaluations Erik Hildebrand (w/Academics)
MAC Medical Hardship Waivers Erik Hildebrand
NCAA/MAC Waivers Appeals Lauren Ashman/Erik Hildebrand
Student-Athlete Files Erik Hildebrand
Enrollment Status Erik Hildebrand (w/Academics)
Initial Eligibility/NCAA Eligibility Center Erik Hildebrand
Continuing Eligibility/Satisfactory Progress Lauren Ashman (w/Academics)
Transfers/International Recruits Erik Hildebrand
Walk-On Student-Athletes Erik Hildebrand
Eligibility Packets Erik Hildebrand
Student-Athlete Statement & Drug Testing Consent Erik Hildebrand
Graduation Rates/APR Report Erik Hildebrand (w/Academics)
Eligibility Interpretations Lauren Ashman/Erik Hildebrand
Off Campus Recruiting Policies Erik Hildebrand
Contacts, Evaluations, Phone Calls, Letters Erik Hildebrand
Recruiting Logs Erik Hildebrand
Recruiting Calendar(s) Erik Hildebrand
Official Visits Erik Hildebrand
Unofficial Visits Erik Hildebrand
Oversight of Scoutware Recruiting System Erik Hildebrand
Camps & Clinics Amy Dean
Local Sports Clubs Erik Hildebrand
Institutional Memorabilia Erik Hildebrand
Annual Coaches Certification Test Erik Hildebrand (w/FAR)
Recruiting Interpretations Lauren Ashman/Erik Hildebrand
Promotional Activities Erik Hildebrand
Professional Sports/Agents Lauren Ashman
International Student Amateurism Erik Hildebrand
Practice Logs Erik Hildebrand
Declaration of Playing/Practice Season Erik Hildebrand
Playing/Practice Season Schedule Changes Erik Hildebrand
Outside Competition Erik Hildebrand
Student-Athlete Summer League Permission Erik Hildebrand
Travel Party/Itineraries Erik Hildebrand
Participation Lists Erik Hildebrand
Playing/Practice Season Interpretations Lauren Ashman/Erik Hildebrand
Brochures/Educational Materials Lauren Ashman
Coaches' and Staff Monthly Newsletter Lauren Ashman
Compliance Question of the Week Lauren Ashman
Booster Education Lauren Ashman/Erik Hildebrand
Gambling Education Erik Hildebrand/Lauren Ashman
Educational Programs Lauren Ashman/Erik Hildebrand
Compliance Website Erik Hildebrand
Student-Athlete Parent Education Erik Hildebrand/Lauren Ashman
Coaching Staff Numerical Limitations Erik Hildebrand
Outside Income Reporting Erik Hildebrand
Student-Athlete Awards - Monitoring Erik Hildebrand
Expense Reports Erik Hildebrand
Reporting Potential Rules Violations Lauren Ashman/Erik Hildebrand
All Other Rules Interpretations Lauren Ashman/Erik Hildebrand

Lauren Ashman
Associate Athletics Director for Compliance

P: 740-593-9800
F: 740-593-9804
E: ashman@ohio.edu

Erik Hildebrand
Director of Compliance

P: 740-593-0987
F: 740-593-9804
E: hildebre@ohio.edu