Ohio Athletics: A Learning Laboratory

Ohio Athletics

May 19, 2011


ATHENS, Ohio-While Ohio's student-athletes achieve great success in competition and in the classroom, there is another group of Ohio students pursuing their dreams through Ohio Athletics. Every year, over 200 students from a wide array of graduate and undergraduate programs use Ohio Athletics as a real-world "learning laboratory."

Through internship, practicum, work-study, and volunteer opportunities, students can gain valuable, hands-on experience while working within the department. Ohio Athletics provides student-centered learning for majors such as Athletic Training, Communications, Journalism, Marketing, Sport Management and many others on campus. While gaining practical knowledge and skills, students become more attractive to prospective employers within their chosen fields. Additionally, these students perform functions vital to the overall success of Ohio Athletics. Ohio Athletics would like to thank and recognize the following students, sorted by department/sport program, for their work during the 2010-2011 academic year.


Name Major Year
Chris Ebert Intervention Specialist Senior
Erin Deffenbaugh Exercise Physiology Junior
Cassidy Wertman Coaching Education Grad
Sean Robinson Sport Management Sophomore
Christopher Spegal Industrial and Systems Engineering Senior
Roger Jones Sport Management Junior
Whitman Ball Sport Management Senior
Justin Dunn Sport Management Junior
Doug Weinbaum Sport Management Junior
Mary Lambert Sport Management Sophomore
Eavan Martin Sport Management Junior
Chris Helms Sport Management Junior
Mike Chen Sport Management Senior
Joe Stemberger Undecided Freshman
Kevin Henz Sport Management Senior
Matt Reynolds Sport Management Senior
Karli Ferone Sport Management Senior
Jonah Weiss Sport Management Senior
Brady Houseman Sport Management Senior
Josh Law Sport Management Senior
Wesley Gardner Sport Management Senior
Joe Dianetti Sport Management Senior
Justin Laishley Sport Management Senior
Scott Singer Sport Management Senior
Mike Koran Sport Management Senior
Alex Dugan Sport Management Senior
Chris Patterson Sport Management Senior
Matt Perigo Undecided Freshman
Drake Bolon Marketing and Management Senior
Mark Truesdell Sport Management Senior
Ashley Workman Sport Management Junior
Charlie Coon Sport Management Senior
Chuck Lichty Sport Management Senior
Matt Wade Sport Management Senior
Erik McCool Sport Management Senior
Natalie Naples Sport Management Senior
Madison Hansel Sport Management Senior
Ryan Haury Sport Management Senior
Mike Hughes Sport Management Senior
Lowell Berg Sport Management Junior
Drew Gutierrez Sport Management Sophomore
Matt Young Marketing Junior
Andrew Mutlu Sport Management Senior
Tim Green Sport Management Senior
Scott Anthony Sport Management Senior
Anothny Diglia Management Senior
Mike DeAngelo Sport Management Senior
Megan Sparks Marketing Senior
Lisa Kirk Sport Management Senior
Mikey Minnillo Management Senior
Jeff Stefanov Management Senior
Corbin Coe Marketing Senior
Luke Watts Marketing Junior
Kara Patterson Marketing Sophomore
Erica Furhman Sports Management Senior
Taylor Evans Sports Management Senior
Asown Sayles Sports Administration Grad
Jamie Acks Sports Administration Grad
Augustino Adams Sports Administration Grad
Beau Bauer Sports Administration Grad
Phil Carden Sports Administration Grad
Matt Delawder Sports Administration Grad
Jose Duverge Sports Administration Grad
Dan Hennessey Sports Administration Grad
Tara Jackson Sports Administration Grad
Ben Jacobs Sports Administration Grad
Kevin Kelley Sports Administration Grad
Rishi Lal Sports Administration Grad
Alicia Lawrence Sports Administration Grad
Jessie Martin Sports Administration Grad
McKenna Maertans Sports Administration Grad
Janice Matacic Sports Administration Grad
Brooks Neal Sports Administration Grad
Pat Nieser Sports Administration Grad
Sean Othen Sports Administration Grad
BA Riley Sports Administration Grad
Michael Speight Sports Administration Grad
Claire Surratt Sports Administration Grad
Katie Tershel Sports Administration Grad
Matt Van Sandt Sports Administration Grad
Ankit Behl Sports Administration Grad
Brett Brecheisen Sports Administration Grad
Bryan Delgado Sports Administration Grad
Danny Duchene Sports Administration Grad
Hallie English Sports Administration Grad
Mark Girldersleve Sports Administration Grad
Eddie Kenralla Sports Administration Grad
Kelsey Lackey Sports Administration Grad
Jeremy Langton Sports Administration Grad
Ethan Olson Sports Administration Grad
Allie Pisching Sports Administration Grad
Annette Scott Sports Administration Grad
Patrick Villafane Sports Administration Grad
Jeff Webster Sports Administration Grad
Media Relations
Brett Compton Sports Administration Grad
Jacob Corrigan Journalism Freshman
Kim Corriher Special Education Grad
Chelsey Eubank Sports Management Senior
Vince Gerbec Sports Management Senior
Steve Gerity Sports Management Junior
Kasie Holmes Sports Management Junior
McKenna Maertens Sports Administration Grad
Eamonn Reynolds Journalism Junior
Zach Scheimer Sports Management Senior
Multi-Media Marketing
Heather Germann Interactive Multimedia Junior
John Koches Interactive Multimedia Senior
Alisa Kessler Interactive Multimedia Junior
Katy Lewis Video Production Sophomore
Joe Robbins Video Production Senior
Corey Longstreth Video Production Senior
Leah Dolby Video Production Senior
Jason Ciappino Video Production Junior
Adam Schrand Video Production Junior
Sean Fisher Video Production Junior
Kramer Lewis Video Production Junior
Brad Zahar Journalism Senior
Grant Burkhardt Journalism Junior
Brian Boesch Journalism Senior
Joel Hawksley Photojournalism Junior
Ryan Young Photojournalism Senior
Erin Laviola Journalism Senior
Caleb Troop Journalism Senior
Bryan Levin Journalism Senior
Alli LaForce Journalism Senior
Jordan Brogley-Webb Journalism Freshman
Keith Turner Journalism Freshman
Ohio Bobcat Club
Janny Lavery Sports Administration Grad
David Carter Sports Administration Grad
Drew Ossakow Sports Administration Grad
Seth Breitenstein Sports Administration Grad
Becky Nelson Sports Administration Grad
Joshua Jones Sports Administration Grad
Sarah King Sports Administration Grad
JT Mussow Sports Administration Grad
Cimmeron Taylor College Student Personnel Grad
Ryan Pasenow Marketing & Finance Senior
Sports Medicine
Pat Brayfield Athletic Training Education Grad
Alyse King Athletic Training Education Grad
Caitlin Cyrkiel Athletic Training Education Grad
Lindsey Philley Athletic Training Education Grad
Ashley Hardbarger Athletic Training Education Grad
Shawn Cameron Athletic Training Education Grad
Aaron Schumacher Athletic Training Education Grad
Tiffany Chen Athletic Training Education Grad
Ryan Neville Athletic Training Education Senior
Samantha Ford Athletic Training Education Senior
Bo Vari Athletic Training Education Senior
Lindsey Merryman Athletic Training Education Senior
Courtney Ivan Athletic Training Education Senior
Jen Grandy Athletic Training Education Senior
Allison Whalen Athletic Training Education Senior
Jordan Poole Athletic Training Education Senior
Jarrod Carley Athletic Training Education Senior
Danielle Winngham Athletic Training Education Senior
Nick Ferguson Athletic Training Education Senior
Strength and Conditioning
Roy Napoli Coaching Education Grad
Cara Van Dorn Coaching Education Grad
Micailah Brock Coaching Education Grad
Ticket Office
Grant DaRif Sport Management Junior
Josh Edwards Sport Management Junior
A.J. Chance Sport Management Junior
Bryan Minrovic Sport Management Senior
Ashley Hoelting Sport Management and Marketing Junior
Jimmy Smith Sport Management Senior
Caitlin Reagan Sport Management and Marketing Senior
Cody Cockrum Sport Management Sophomore
Cody Craig Sport Management Sophomore
Tracey Hecht Marketing Senior
Jason Michelson Recreation Management Senior
Dan Parsons Sport Management Grad
Matt Waugh Business Senior
Josh Fraley Sport Management Senior
Colin Hudson Business Senior
Tanner Schulthesis Business Sophomore
Brain Sturgeon Sport Management Senior
Jake Chapman Recreation Management Senior
Ryann Pelini Business Senior
Courtney Cohen Communications Senior
Nikki Germano Communications Sophomore
DJ Merriman Sport Management Sophomore
Kirk Maxwell Sport Management Freshman
Pat Henderson Physical Education Junior
Nick Bozeka Business Grad
Keaton Prince Sport Management Senior
Brock Conroy Sport Management Junior
Drew Papuchis Sport Management Senior
Pran Frambes Business Junior
Cory Sullivan Sport Management Junior
Andy Howell Physical Education Junior
Matt Britain Sport Management Junior
Field Hockey
Kelly Terwilliger Sports Administration Grad
Drew Cremeans Physical Education Junior
Men's Basketball
Mark Morris College Student Personnel Grad
Paul O' Connor Sport Management Senior
Michael Coon Physical Education Junior
Kevin Donoher Sport Management Junior
Alex Kafury Video Production Junior
Sharonda McDonald Coaching Education Grad
Women's Basketball
Taylor Clark Sport Management Junior
Sarah Dean Criminology Sophomore
Women's Soccer
Kelly Keelan Coaching Education Grad
Dan Williams Sport Management Junior
Zach Weinberg Sport Management Junior
Chris Sasileo Recreation Management Junior
Sara Stanish Forensic Chemistry Junior


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