Ohio University began a licensing program to protect the use of its name and symbols. Ohio has registered the names, logos, and trademarks of the University and has delegated the responsibility for this program to the Office of Trademark Licensing to promote and protect all trademarks, service marks in a uniform manner and ensure that the uses of these marks reflect favorably on the University. Ohio University prohibits the use of any of its registered symbols, insignia, or other identifying marks without express written approval. For purpose of this rule, this prohibition includes but is not necessarily limited to all registered marks to the University's name, abbreviations, symbols, emblems, logos, mascot, slogans, official insignia, uniforms, landmarks, or songs.

What Is a Trademark?

  • A trademark is a word, name or symbol used in trade goods to distinguish them from the goods of others. Trademark rights may be used to prevent others from using a confusingly similar mark.

What is the Collegiate Licensed Product Label?

  • The "Collegiate Licensed Product Associate" label not only signifies that the merchandise has passed the standards set by Ohio University, it also signifies that the products were made by a licensed company. It lets the consumer know that a portion of the purchase price is returned to the University. This label has to be on the garment, product or packaging.

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