NCAA Eligibility and Student-Athlete Success Center

The Joan and Wallace Phillips Center, located on the fourth floor of Peden Stadium, houses the offices of Academic Services and Compliance. With more than 10,000 square feet of space, the Phillips Center offers two computer labs, a 42-seat classroom, private tutoring rooms, and administrative offices. The Joan and Wallace Phillips Center has three full-time staff members and four learning specialists.

The NCAA Eligibility and Student-Athlete Success staff provides Ohio University student-athletes with a comprehensive support program which utilizes various resources and learning techniques to promote student development and to help maximize each individual student-athlete's academic potential. Academic Services provides a positive and constructive learning experience for student-athletes and is conducive to personal and professional growth. As the official liaisons between the Ohio University Athletic Department and all academic units on campus, the staff strives to assist student-athletes academically as well as monitor student-athletes' progress toward NCAA continuing eligibility.

The Phillips Center has three full-time staff members and four learning specialists. The Academic Services staff provides the following:

NCAA Eligibility and Student-Athlete Success staff provide a range of services to Ohio student-athletes:
• Provides assistance with class registration procedures and course selection
• Advises student-athletes about University, MAC and NCAA rules and regulations
• Conducts weekly meetings to track progress in courses throughout the semester
• Monitors academic progress through midterm progress reports
• Generates weekly reports for coaches on student-athletes' academic performance
• Communicates regularly with faculty, sport medicine, and coaching staffs
• Arranges free tutorial services for individual and group sessions
• Tracks initial and continuing student-athlete eligibility
• Provides free printing and computer labs located in Peden Stadium
• Offers a freshman student-athlete seminar class (UC 2900) as an orientation to campus life and academic requirements
• Provides student-athletes team travels letters for instructors during season
• Coordinates community service and academic scholarship opportunities
• Meets with prospective student-athletes and their families on recruiting visits

Student-athletes receive priority privileges for class registration each semester

Individual and group tutors available for any university course

• Open: Monday-Thursday 8:00am-9:00pm, Friday 8:00am-12:00pm and Sunday 5:00pm-9:00pm
• All first-semester freshmen, transfer student-athletes, and student athletes with a cumulative GPA below a 2.6 are required to participate in Study Hall
• Study Hall hour requirements: Cumulative GPA below 2.24 = 7 hours; Cumulative GPA between 2.25-2.59 = 5 hours
• Student-athletes must complete a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 3 hours of Study Hall per sitting

• Student-athletes receive priority privileges for class registration each semester which allows them to reduce practice and competition conflicts

Athletic Director's Honor Roll recognizes all student-athletes who achieve a semester GPA of 3.0 or higher


Randee Duffy, Associate Athletic Director
Team Assignment: Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Volleyball
593-1172 duffyr1@ohio.edu
Jenny Polak, Assistant Director
Team Assignments: Football
593-0536 polakj@ohio.edu
Elizabeth Conard, Coordinator and Life Skills
Team Assignments: Field Hockey, Soccer, Softball, Wrestling
593-0817 conarde@ohio.edu
Matt Gilmore, Coordinator
Team Assignments: Baseball, Men's & Women's Cross Country, Men's & Women's Golf, Track & Field
593-9976 gilmorem@ohio.edu
Shelly Morton, Learning Specialist 593-0810 wymers@ohio.edu
Brenna Duke, Academic Assistant dukeb@ohio.edu
Emily Herold, Academic Assistant herold@ohio.edu
Megan Morehouse, Academic Assistant morehous@ohio.edu
Academics & Support

• Joan & Wallace Phillips Center
• Academic Advancement Center
• Writing Center | Find a Tutor
• Disability Services | OU Libraries
• Freshmen Orientation/Bobcat Student Orientation  

Academic Highlights

• Ohio University student-athletes earned a 3.016 term GPA and a 3.051 accumulative GPA for fall 2012
• A total of 281 student-athletes received the Athletic Director's Honor Roll recognition and 143 of those recipients earned above a 3.5 GPA
• A total of 27 student-athletes earned a 4.0 GPA and are recognized as part of the 400 Club
• A total of 82 student-athletes qualified for the Dean's List
• Ohio had 11 sport programs finish with a team GPA above a 3.0 for the fall term

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is an organization of student-athletes, composed of representatives from each team who serve the following purposes:

• To design and implement activities that enhances the involvement of sporting events at Ohio University and to promote awareness of Ohio athletics within the campus and Athens area
• To actively encourage involvement of student-athletes in campus and community outreach programs and activities
• To provide student-athletes with the opportunity to effectively communicate with the athletics department administration on matters that involves the welfare of the student-athlete
• To effectively make decisions or act on any other matter relevant to the goals and responsibilities of the Ohio SAAC
• To serve as advocates for all student-athletes in communicating information about relevant issues and proposed NCAA rule changes
• To serve as advocates for all student-athletes in communicating information about relevant issues in the Mid-American Conference
• To plan, execute, and implement the annual end of year student-athlete awards banquet known as the `"CATSPYS"

2012-13 SAAC Executive Board
Lauren McCullough- President - Women's Track and Field
Tyler Blair- Vice President - Men's Cross Country
Laura Mastro-Secretary - Field Hockey
Jenna Giusti- Treasurer - Softball

Taylor Emody and Tyler Wells

Men's Basketball
Nick Kellogg and Stevie Taylor

Women's Basketball
Samantha Buls and Olivia McCuskey

Chase Cochran, Xavier Hughes, James Ray, Derek Roback, Jordan Thompson, & Matt Weller

Field Hockey
Laura Mastro and Jessica Vaeth

Men's Golf
Michael Lamping and Drew Mlynarksi

Women's Golf
Kara Brinkmann & Julie Lechner

Adrienne Gebele and Jenna Giusti

Women's Soccer
Rachel Fryan & Alex Stec

Swimming and Diving
Stephanie Gyurke and Morgan Sprosty

Women's Track and Field
Alexa Macri, Lauren McCullough and Danielle Winningham

Kelly Colyar & Mollie Geske

Sparty Chino & Jeremy Johnson

Men's Cross Country
Tyler Blair & Chase Robinson

Women's Cross Country
Juli Accurso & Ashley Waddington

Life Skills

Ohio University is proud to participate in the Life Skills Program launched by the NCAA Foundation and Division I-A Athletic Director's Association in 1994. The department of athletics at Ohio University if committed to a program that will develop the leadership potential of all student-athletes as they pursue their education, develop their athletic skills and prepare for rewarding careers. The mission of the Life Skills Program at Ohio University is to promote academic excellence, leadership, sportsmanship, and to establish a commitment of service to others as a foundation for a balanced lifestyle.

Objective of the Bobcat Life Skills Program:

To further the intellectual development of student-athletes by providing:

1. An academic advising program that will enhance the development of educational and career goals.

2. A comprehensive academic support services which will maximize the success of every student-athlete.

3. A student-athlete experience class for all freshman students that focuses on the transition from high school to college.

To develop a broad program of sports that is committed to:

1. Teaching and promoting the qualities of good sportsmanship in all aspects of competition.

2. Attracting and training quality athletics support staff that will serve as role models, teachers and leaders of distinction within intercollegiate athletics.

To influence the student-athlete to develop and pursue career life goals by:

1. Integrating the student-athlete into the career services program offered by the University.

2. Providing opportunities for internships and summer jobs in a student-athlete's chosen career field.

3. Assisting student-athletes in preparing for the job search and job interviews through programs such as Total Quality Logistics' Career Training Camp.

To encourage student-athletes to give service to others as a foundation for a rewarding lifestyle by:

1. Developing a comprehensive service program that includes service to the community and youth.

2. Examples include: Rufus Reads, American Red Cross Spring blood drive, the Santa Tree Project, food drives, etc.

To foster the personal development of the student-athlete by:

1. Establishing an environment that promotes a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle through the speaker series - subjects include: Diversity, Financial Responsibility, Alcohol Education and Stress Management.

2. Providing leadership opportunities with the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.