Strength and Conditioning

Mission Statement

The mission of the Strength and Conditioning program at Ohio University is to assist each student-athlete in the development of his or her physical potential. This mission is undertaken in an effort to minimize athletic injuries and enhance athletic performance.


The philosophy of the Strength and Conditioning program is based on the belief that what we do inside and outside of the weight room transfers to the playing field. We train the student-athletes the way they play based on biomechanics, energy systems, speed of muscular contraction, coordination, balance, and range of motions. We also recognize the importance of mental and physical toughness, discipline, perseverance, and a having winning attitude. We believe that we can develop and enhance these qualities through our Strength and Conditioning program.

Sonny Sano, Assistant Athletic Director of Sports Performance 597-1708 sano@ohio.edu

Dak Notestine, Director of Strength and Conditioning

593-2923 notestid@ohio.edu

Zach Perkins, Director of Strength and Conditioning



Tyler Dobratz, Graduate Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach

593-2923 td283016@ohio.edu
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