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Behind the Goggles: Getting to Know Ashley Marion

Oct. 13, 2008

ATHENS, Ohio - Senior Ashley Marion (London, Ontario), a three-time First-Team All-MAC selection and four-time individual MAC champion, took time out to give ohiobobcats.com a sneak peek into the life of one of Ohio's top swimmers.

Being from Canada, why did you choose Ohio?

I came to Ohio for swimming. I was looking for a new change, and when I came down on my recruiting trip I realized I wanted to come to Ohio because the team was so close and everyone seemed to get a long.

What is the best part about being on the Ohio swim team?

The best part about being on the swim team is being looked up to by the team and leading them towards another successful year.

What is your best memory from your time on the Ohio swim team thus far?

It would definitely have to be winning the MAC Championship last year.

Being one of only four seniors on the team, what advice would you give to freshmen on the team?

Some advice I would give the freshman would be to not get overwhelmed with the first few weeks of college and swimming and that it does get easier throughout the year. Also, that they should not be afraid to experience new things because in the end, everyone looks back at their freshman year as their best year.

Coming off a MAC Championship, what is the team looking to achieve this year?

The team as a whole is looking to achieve another MAC championship and to continue our success in the dual meets.

What is your greatest swimming accomplishment?

I would have to say going to the Canada Games the summer before my freshman year and winning two relays.

What does it mean to you to be competing for your country at national meets and Olympic trials?

Competing at national meets and Olympic trials is a great experience for me, and I like to think it prepares me for the future. I also feel privileged that I had the opportunity to go to some of the bigger national meets.

What is your major and what do you hope to do with it?

My major is sports management and I would love to get into event management, or work with the International Olympic Committee.

What do you do in your free time, away from swimming and class?

With the time that I have to myself I like to hang out with my friends, go see movies and just relax.

When eating out, what's your favorite meal in Athens?

My favorite place to go eat would have to be Souvlaki's and my favorite food from there would be the spicy fries.

If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

If I could have dinner with one person I would have to say Ali Howell. She is one of my closest friends and I know I can always go to her with anything.

Who has had the biggest influence on your life and why?

My parents have had the biggest influence on my life because they have always encouraged me through everything I have done so far and helped me to achieve all of my accomplishments with swimming and life in general.