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Ohio vs. Central Michigan Postgame Quotes

Jan. 14, 2006

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Ohio Head Coach Tim O'Shea:


On Ohio's strategy:

The bench is really turning out to be a great strength for this team.


On the first half:

Well it's just the defense.  They just couldn't get anything.  I think we forced at least three shot clock violations and they didn't get a shot off.  That's just great defense.


On the game:

No starter played more than 25 minutes.  All in all it was a pretty dominating performance.


I just take them one at a time.  I know we have a pretty good team.


My focus is the same as last year.  Get the home game, or get the by, and then hope to be the best team when we hit the floor at Cleveland.  And I think we got a shot to do that.


On the next six games:

I just take them one at a time.  The only game I am thinking about right now is Northern (Illinois).


Freshman Jerome Tillman:


On Ohio's defensive strategy:

We wanted to keep them under 25 for the game, but they made a little run toward the end and we kind of bore down at the end of the game, defensively, to not give them anything.


On the crowd's influence on the game:

It was just a big rush with everybody behind us, the crowd into it... they are like the sixth man.


On O'Shea's vote of confidence in him as a player:

It's great that he has confidence in me to play my game and take the game up to the next level.  It's a real honor for me, so I just have to keep doing what I'm doing, playing my game, and be another big man on the floor.



Sophomore Leon Williams:


On the team's strategy entering the game:

Coach told us to come out and just play defense and not worry about the offense because it would take care of itself.  We knew we could press them and get in their face and be aggressive, so it just helped and worked in our favor.


On the difficulty of Ohio's upcoming schedule:

I think it's going to test how good we are, and I'm sure our team is up for the challenge.  We're going to go on the road and win some games.



Junior Whitney Davis:


On his scoring success:

I think one of my strengths in my game is being in an open court, and that's where I got the ball and I was able to finish a couple of them.


On their strategy when entering the second half:

It's pretty hard to play the same way that you did at the start of the game when you've got a 30-point lead, but we just tried to not let them back in the game and not embarrass ourselves or injure anybody.


On the difficulty of Ohio's upcoming schedule:

It's a big stretch for us and if we can win some big games on the road, we will really distinguish ourselves as one, if not the best, team in the MAC, and we just have to go and take care of business.




Central Michigan Head Coach Jay Smith:


On the effect that CMU's experience level had on the game:

We played like a young team, which we are, and they took it to us the first half.  I thought we had some things resolved the second half and we started to compete and play like we're capable of, but I think the whole thing was an eye-opener for a lot of young guys who are on our team right now.


On why CMU couldn't overcome their 2-for-24 rut:

You've got to be able to make shots, I mean 2-for- 24 ... you've got to be able to step up and make them.  That's the difference between playing confident and playing not.  As soon as you start missing, your mind starts playing funny games with you.


On CMU's performance in the second half:

I really liked the way we competed in the second half.  We were able to step up and do some things, and some guys stepped up, obviously, and played.


You can only worry about the things that you can control. Now, what was done in the first half, you can't go back and replay it. So you try to take it in chunks, and I thought our kids continued to compete, and they did in the second half because we made some shots, we scored almost 40 points in the half.


On Ohio's performance:

I give Tim and his group credit, they had a nice game and they played well and they have a nice group of kids that they are playing with right now, that's for sure.  And they're playing with great confidence.