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Ohio vs. Kent State Postgame Quotes

Feb. 1, 2006

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Ohio Head Coach Tim O'Shea


On the loss to Kent State:

Kent State played an outstanding game. They hit a lot of big shots. They were terrific chasing down the loose balls.


I thought there was a lot of fight out there tonight.


This was a tough one. You come off two tough losses and then you have the best team in the league. It wasn't exactly the ideal bounce-back situation.


We broke down late in the shot clock many, many times, with a lot of hustle. The end result was they ended up getting an easy basket, which really hurt us. Guys were being overly aggressive at times.


With Mychal (Green), when your shooting guard goes 1-8 that's tough. You need him to  score some points.


We missed a lot of loose balls we should've gotten.


I really thought the guys that played, played hard.


On this season and the losing streak:

I'm hopeful that we're going to be able to turn this around. It's been a really rough three game stretch for us.


Obviously, I am tremendously concerned about where we are at at this point. But, I'm also hopeful. I think we've got a chance to still get this thing headed in the right direction.


A few weeks ago I thought our depth was tremendous and now that we are banged up and have a few chemistry issues. Now we're struggling.



Ohio junior Sonny Troutman


On playing different this game versus the past few games:

I really haven't been doing anything different. Their defense let me penetrate more.


On the prospects of turning around the season:

I think we're going to come in tomorrow to practice and regroup and look forward to the next games.



Ohio sophomore Antonio Chapman


On focusing on this year:

It's a whole new year, we have to worry about this year.


I think the chemistry is there, but we're not bringing it all the time.



Kent State Head Coach Jim Christian


Opening statement:

I challenged them to play better, the first half they had a lot of easy shots on us.


On Gerwig:

He's the Kevin Willis of the MAC.


It feels like he's been here 27 years...He'll be the toughest guy that's played at Kent State.


On the road victories:

On the road, you have to make the tough shots.


On Ohio now versus last year:

They have great players, they have a great team. Right now they're probably not shooting the ball as well as they're capable of.  That happens in basketball.  They're still the champions on the court until sometime beats them.