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Ohio vs. Toledo - Post-Game Quotes

Feb. 1, 2014

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Junior Guard Stevie Taylor
On both teams making plays down the stretch
“They made some pretty big baskets. Toledo’s a very good team, but at the end of the day we got stops when we needed to get stops and it led to a win.”

On drawing the five-second call on Juice Brown late in the game
“I was definitely going after that [5 second call on Brown]. Coach Wu[czynski] told me we had to get a big stop. He said this is simple, this is a heart game. I just took whatever I had left in me and I pressured him the whole time and I got the five second call.”

Senior guard Nick Kellogg
On the importance of the victory
“Anytime we’re playing at home it’s always a good time, but with games that have more hype like this, with all the students and the blackout, it’s a good atmosphere and I enjoy playing in it. For our team we needed one of these games to grind it out and come out on the winning side. I think it’s just good for our team, good for our morale, and we just got to keep building on this.”

On keeping up with Toledo offensively
“We know we can knock down open shots. When we step out with confidence and we’re more aggressive, that’s just something we do on a daily basis, it worked today and we were fortunate.”

On the team's ability to win close games over the past few weeks
“I think that [closing games] has a lot to do with coach. I give him a lot of credit for telling us to change our mentality, because we have the physical abilities and the talent to make plays, but it’s a mentality thing. And realizing how crucial every possession is and how important every stop is, every rebound, and how things are magnified, so I give him a lot of credit for making us have a tough grittier attitude toward the end of the game.”

Head Coach Jim Christian
On the overtime thriller
“This was just a great college basketball game. Both teams played very well. Both teams made huge shots. Our atmosphere was phenomenal and to me, in my 25 years of doing this, this is probably the most fun I’ve had in a basketball game, win or lose. It was unbelievable. The attitude of our players and their players, the high level of play, everything that was going on out there, that’s basketball. Win or lose, that’s the best part of college basketball.”

On the team's second half comebacks
“We’re coming from behind because we’re getting a tougher mindset. We’re becoming a resilient team, and we’re able to weather it. The one thing I love about this team is that we’re able to weather it. That doesn’t mean we’re always positive with one another, but we just keep playing. I think that’s what you have to do, and I talked about that with our team this week.”

On winning against a top-tier opponent
“They were going to play well. Toledo is great team. They won six in a row and they played great today. We knew they were going to play well. We were the team coming into the game that had not been playing the way we want to play. That doesn’t mean we don’t play well."

"I think we dwell so much on one half sometimes, or maybe we didn’t handle pressure well one game, but that doesn’t mean they can’t handle pressure, it’s just in that particular game we didn’t do well. I never lost confidence in any one of these guys, but we needed to prove to one another that we can beat somebody that everyone coming here thinks we might not win.”