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Ohio vs. Miami - Post-Game Quotes

Feb. 8, 2014

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Head Coach Jim Christian

On Travis Wilkins
“Travis has been playing well for about two-straight months. Here’s the thing about Travis; he does everything he’s asked to do, everyday. He comes and he shoots every day. He gets up more shots. These two [Travis & Nick Kellogg] probably get up more than anybody on the team. So the game eventually rewards you, and that’s what happens. You’ve got to put the work in, and that’s why I feel so happy for them.”

On the significance of the win
“I don’t think we could have won the game today without Travis, without Stevie [Taylor] playing well in the second half, without the way Jon [Smith] played. It’s a team effort. In the second half, everybody who stepped on the floor gave us great minutes.”

On Ohio's defensive struggles in the first half
“Our energy wasn’t there, our ability to get to a screen and get to shoot quickly was bad - things that we corrected. But we can’t keep digging ourselves out of these holes. It’s not all us, no doubt. We played poorly, but they played really, really well.”

On Charlie Coles and wearing a green turtleneck to honor his memory
“A long time ago, I made this commitment to him and myself that I was going to honor my friend today, because he means so much to this game, and the Ohio-Miami rivalry. I just made that choice to do that, and I’ll do it every time we play Miami. I don’t want in my own heart to not remember Charlie Coles, especially with the Miami-Ohio game. I know how big it was for him. There’s not a bigger historian of this game that I ever met than Charlie Coles, who took more pride in this game than Charlie Coles. So in my own way I want to honor his memory.”

Senior Guard Travis Wilkins
On his hot start in the second half
“It helps to build my confidence. I know that it helps my team to have more confidence in me, being able to count on open shots and give the team some more energy.”

On the team's mindset at halftime
“I think going into halftime our team had to step it up. We weren’t playing very well, especially on the defensive end of the floor, and that’s where we needed to step up the most. Like what Nick said, we needed to bring more energy, and in the second half, we brought more energy which made us play better on both ends.”

On the start of his 3-pointer run
“I remember waiting for it [the ball in the corner]. Honestly, I didn’t think [Nick Kellogg} was going to be able to get it to me, but he got me the ball at the right time, and I hit it.”

Senior Guard Nick Kellogg
On Ohio's second half defense
“Our mindset and our energy changed. We picked up the intensity a bit, and once you string a few stops together together, the crowd starts getting into it. Guys were a little more focused and more eager to get stops. One stop leads to another and we fed off that."