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Ohio vs. Samford Postgame Quotes

Feb. 18, 2006

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Ohio Head Coach Tim O'Shea


On Leon Williams:

That's probably the biggest difference.  Leon got to actually play opposed to the last two games.


On what Ohio can take away from the game:

The key now is can we carry over, and have this kind of consistency and effort Wednesday night.  If we can build from here, then we have a chance to maybe make an end-of-the-year type run.


On playing in the BracketBusters:

The non-conference schedule is a very important measuring stick of the game.  You're playing some outside competition.


On Sonny Troutman:

He had great stamina.  Tonight his energy level was really high, and his shots were following.  Sonny always seems to come on at the end of the year.


On keys to the game:

We really worked the clock. We played their game.  We took about thirty seconds for every possession, and scored at the end of those possessions, which was great.



Ohio senior Mychal Green


On Ohio regaining its rhythm:

It was good to just come back home and just playing well.  I think we executed the game plan well.


We have been struggling on offense so it was good to kind of get out of the funk.


On Ohio's defensive effort:

The defense was playing hard, getting stop, and that translated to buckets on the other end.


We got our confidence on the defensive end stopping them from scoring


On what Ohio can take from the game:

I hope it's a springboard game.  You want to win every game so I'm glad we came in and made a good showing.



Ohio junior Sonny Troutman


On countering Samford's zone defense:

We knew the skip pass was going to be open and we knew we had to look for our shot and knock it down so we could get in a rhythm early in the game


Another way to beat the zone is to penetrate so I felt like if we could penetrate in the middle and kick it out or finish, then it would be good for us.


On making his first two three-pointers:

My first couple shots went in and then I guess they had to respect me after that.  After that I was able to just give them a couple of pump fakes and get into the paint.


On Ohio's preparation for the game:

It seemed like every move they made, we knew right where it was going to be so I think we were just well prepared for the game.



Ohio sophomore Leon Williams


On his performance tonight:

I was more aggressive this game, as far as not just trying to take what I want, but taking what they were giving me.


On winning a BracketBusters game:

Last year we won the BracketBuster in Detroit and after that we got on the road and went to the tournament and won it, so I think we can take a lot from this game and keep our confidence up.



Samford Head Coach Jimmy Tillette


On Ohio's performance tonight:

I didn't think particularly that Ohio started with the right energy and neither did we, but I think they picked it up. Maybe it was the crowd, maybe it was the coach, maybe it was the kids but I thought they picked it up and I thought they did a good job of guarding us.


They're a good team in a good league, and they were playing at home tonight, which makes it easier.


On Samford's performance tonight:

I thought our team played hard but we weren't very effective and very sharp.