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Ohio vs. Western Michigan - Post-Game Quotes

Feb. 19, 2014

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Western Michigan 73, Ohio 63
Post-Game Quotes
February 19, 2014

Senior Guard/Forward T.J. Hall
"On the team's offensive struggles
We felt pressured. There was a lot of double teams. We fumbled the ball and didn’t take care of the ball at the beginning of the game. That just led to us making more turnovers in the second half."

On Wednesday's loss
"We felt like we did a great job against Buffalo, turning the page on being tough. Then to come back and lose the game right after, it just knocks us down and knocks us back a couple steps. But, we’ve got to play harder next game."

On WMU’s David Brown:
"He’s a good one-on-one player. [Head coach Steve Hawkins] allows him to do what he wants. He takes control of the game, and he can play. So, that’s just flat out what it is."

On WMU’s consistency:
"Whether they’re down 10 or up 10, they’re going to play the same way. They’re going to keep the same pace. They’re going to run their offense. Nobody’s really going to make mistakes or come out of their character. They just do what they do well."

Head Coach Jim Christian
On both team’s performances tonight:
"It’s always a combination of both. We played awful; they played really well. They beat us to every ball. They were going to the glass at will. But they still have got to do it. You still got to make plays. You’ve got to battle through it. As poorly as we played in the first half, we were down six points. We had 11 turnovers; they had 10 offensive rebounds. The effort level just never picked up. We never played hard. The other thing is, I don’t know who can play. We have a lot of guys with injuries. I’ve got T.J. with his two injuries. I’ve got [Maurice Ndour] with his back; he can’t move. I’ve got Stevie [Taylor] now with a fracture in his leg. So, he can’t play. But like I’ve told these guys, everybody’s banged up. Sometimes you’ve got to fight through some things. That’s what we’re facing now."

On opportunities to bounce back:
"We had a couple chances. The start of the second half, we were only down six. We got the ball. Obviously at the end of the half, we missed a couple opportunities. Like I said, I could just see the guys’ facial expressions and body language. The guys just didn’t play with the energy they needed to to even attempt to win this basketball game tonight."

On Stevie Taylor’s injury
"We found out about it at 5:30. It’s not a weight-bearing bone. So, it’s like a pain tolerance thing. To go into the game today, I thought he showed some courage. Moving forward, I’m not sure how much he can play. It’s pain tolerance. He got an MRI and an x-ray today. That’s what came out of it."

On where to go from here:
"We’ve got to regroup and get better and understand what we need to do to win. We know, we’ve just got to get the right mindset back. For whatever reason, we didn’t have it today. We had it three days ago. We were in the same situation. We played more together; we played harder. We just didn’t do it today. Sometimes you can’t answer it, I don’t know."