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Ohio vs. Buffalo Postgame Quotes

Feb. 22, 2006

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Ohio Head Coach Tim O'Shea:


On tonight's performance:

For 37 minutes, I thought it was a great effort.  At the end we didn't have the guys we normally finish the game in terms of ball handling and all that.


We're obviously a much better team when Mychal Green is making shots and the one statistic that kind of jumps out is when we score 65 or more points, we're 14-0.


On Antonio Chatman and Mychal Green's connection on the floor:

I think Chatman does a good job of finding him (Green).  I think we're seeing Chatman get more comfortable.  He's really getting a feel for guys on the floor.


On Antonio Chatman's season-high turnover total:

His mistakes aren't because of a lack of effort.  Sometimes he just tries too hard.


On Johnnie Jackson's role off the bench:

I thought Jackson was really good off the bench with energy.


The benched stepped up and the starters did really well.


On the team's last two games:

I'm not making any predictions about the future, but I like the last two games.  I think we showed good chemistry, good energy, we played good defense.  We have a test through these next two games.



Ohio senior Mychal Green


On Ohio's performance tonight:

We had a sense of urgency today. We don't have a lot of games left and we need to make a move to ensure a first-round home game and to improve our season.


We still have to focus because we have Akron coming up and they are in the top of the league.



Ohio sophomore Leon Williams


On the difference between tonight's game and Ohio's loss at Buffalo on Jan. 26:

I think we were more prepared this time to handle their zone and to execute our offense and just play some defense. I think we did a better job all-around.


I think we played well. We executed the offense and we were playing our game. We are playing with more ease and we are not worrying about what happens. We have gained a lot of confidence from these two games. Going to Akron is going to be a real test of how good we are, and where we are going to go.



Ohio junior Johnnie Jackson


On the Bobcats current state of mind:

We are having fun and we're trying to get back together. We had a couple of ups and downs, but we are trying to get that chemistry back on because it is coming to the end of the season and the tournament is a couple of weeks away.


The games coming up are very crucial. You can't say it any better.



Buffalo Head Coach Reggie Witherspoon


On Ohio's performance:

Ohio did a terrific job. They passed the ball very well I thought and deserve a lot of credit for that. They also knocked out some shots but it wasn't just their shooting. They had tremendous effort, especially on the glass.


On Buffalo's recent skid:

We're wearing down a little bit. We're trying to play more guys, but they are guys who really aren't ready yet but they are giving us their best effort. Some of the guys that we leaned on earlier appear to be wearing down.


On Ohio's Leon Williams' court presence:

Leon is a great player. I know he has been foul prone, but it takes a lot of energy to play against him, and he can wear down the opposing front line with that.