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Ohio vs. Bowling Green Postgame Quotes

March 4, 2006

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Ohio Head Coach Tim O'Shea


Opening statement:

We had a good effort today. Obviously when we score like that we have success. We really shot the ball well, and senior day is like that a lot. It's been my experience that when you have good seniors, you often times get numbers like that on senior day. The focus now is Monday night and hopefully finding a way to advance to Cleveland.


On the team's performance:

The home court makes such a huge difference. With basketball it is hard to compare game to game. They all take on a life of their own. Today we were shooting the ball exceptionally well; we had a lot of emotion in the building because for Mychal (Green) and Jeff (Halbert), it was there last game. We had a sense of urgency because this was a big game for us in terms of seeding.


On the team's mental toughness:

The good thing about these guys is that we have had two tough losses but their attitude in practice the last couple days has been great.  We're basically in the same spot we were a year ago going into the tournament, 17-10, an identical record. I'm not suggesting or predicting a similar outcome, but it is the exact record.


This team has shown some great character the way they have hung in there. I'm very proud of them and I'm hoping there is a big carryover to Monday.


We just have to be ready for Monday. A new season begins. Now we start the post-season, and that's where we're hoping to be at our best.



Ohio senior Jeff Halbert


On the team's performance:

I just knew we'd come out with a lot of energy.  We're on our home court and we just had two tough road games, so I knew we'd come out and play hard.


On his last three-pointer:

I told Tony (Chatman) I was going to fill behind, and I just stepped up and made it.  I didn't know that coach was planning subbing everyone out at that point.  It was kind of a cool moment.  It was a good feeling.


Ohio senior Mychal Green


On today's game:

I'm happy we won, that's all.  It was a good game.  Like I said before, I just come out and try to be aggressive now, and just try to attack, and give the other team someone else to focus on.


On this Monday's game:

We'll just go out and play aggressive, and try to play like we played tonight, and start on the defensive end.  When you stop other teams from scoring, the offense will come.  You get fast breaks, and easy shots.  We just want to come out and play defense, and then we can go from there.



Jerome Tillman


On today's game:

Overall, I thought we played very well, and had that energy we've had every game.


On the senior day events:

It was a special day to see the guys mention me, especially Mychal Green and Jeff.  They're mentioning me a lot.  The transition from high school to college is a big jump, and I thank them for everything.



Bowling Green Head Coach Dan Dakich


Opening statement:
I thought that OU played great.  It was about as good a performance as I've seen shooting...They got on a roll, and we couldn't make a basket.


On John Floyd:

John had a bad ankle coming in to the game.  It wasn't bad enough for him not to play, but I think he re-injured it.  He should be fine.


On the team coming into today:
I was kind of enthused coming in to this game.  I liked our approach to things, and I liked the way we were going about things.  Obviously, my enthusiasm wasn't matched by how we played.


On his approach to the next games:

We might as well jump right back out there, because sitting around talking about it really hasn't been working.