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Ohio vs. Delaware Postgame Quotes

Dec. 8, 2007

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Ohio Head Coach Tim O'Shea
Opening Statement:
Just like in the St. Bonaventure game, today we got a run in the second half and we got a run in the first half that gave us a cushion that we were able to hold the whole game. They made a little run, what kept them in the game was they were able to start making some threes. To come into our gym and make 10 threes, that's a pretty good night shooting. There was a real disparity in the offensive fouls, there were six against us and I think zero against them, which was a little crazy I thought. You know you look at the stat lines and Bubba [Walther] was 7-for-7, what can you say, he played great. Leon [Williams] was solid as always. [Justin] Orr was very good in the first half, he kind of disappeared a little on us in the second half. [Jerome] Tillman was solid, right down the line, I thought [Bert] Whittington played really well even though he didn't score; he gives us a nice little spark there with the two little guys together in the second half. He had a nice pass to Bubba for a three and you know its hard trying to play 10 guys, but that's what I'm trying to do right now just to give guys legitimate game minutes so that whatever situation we find ourselves in we will have players we can put out there that are confident when they get out on the floor because they have played.

On how the bench was able to contribute tonight:
I thought [Tommy] Freeman came in and gave us a nice spark in the first half when he took an offensive foul. He's always scrappy and he's just a high-energy kid so he's usually ready to explode of that bench. You know [Allen] Hester had some good looks that I think he will make most nights, but that's going to happen some nights, no big deal. They're [Delaware] a solid team from a solid conference and we handled them I thought pretty easily.

On giving minutes to a lot of players:
We had one stretch there when we they made a little run, I think they got it down to nine or eight and that makes you uncomfortable at home because you've lost the momentum, but when you're playing a lot of guys sometimes you get a lineup and you kind of stall with it. I just think it's important right now to give guys like Freeman and DeVaughn Washington minutes when you can. I mean I'm sure it's not as much as they would like but at least it's a few minutes for them every game, and we're not talking just garbage time minutes, that's when the game is still being decided.

On Justin Orr's play thus far this season:
Justin has been really solid, he's a very talented player, you know he always come up with a good stat line. The thing about Justin offensively is that he has really good shot selection and a great feel for the game. If I could change one thing about Justin I would like to see him play with a little more fire and a little more intensity all the time. He's kind of a laid back guy and that's just his personality, but I think he's very good and I'm glad we have him.

On Bubba Walther's improved shot selection:
The last few games he's gotten a lot better, I showed him [prior to Wednesday's game] that he was shooting 38 percent. Now if you insert the last few games he's probably shooting around 50 percent. Now he's making shots and he's taking higher percentage shots. He's getting better, but I also think he's playing with better point guards. That's why Leon is scoring more and that's why Bubba is scoring more, when you play with better point guards you get better looks.

On the two big games next week against Maryland and Kansas:
You take them one at a time. I'm just glad I'm able to give Leon this opportunity as a senior. He's such a good kid and from the day he got here he wanted an opportunity to play in the Washington D.C. area against a major opponent. We played American one year, but really Maryland was the team that he wanted to play against. And of course Kansas was an opportunity that helps subsidize our trip to Hawaii and play on national TV, so why not. Who knows what will happen next week with these games, but at least it gives fans a chance to dream a little bit.

Ohio Senior Bubba Walther
On his shooting performance against Delaware:
I just told Leon [Williams], I've never had a game where I didn't miss a shot. I think that is because I usually take a few bad ones every game. This year, my focus during the offseason was just to take good shots. If I can take good shots, I can probably be one of the best shooters in the country. That's my goal. Everything felt good tonight and I need to take it into the big week we've got coming up.

On winning the last two games at home:
You are supposed to win all of your home games in college basketball - so really we didn't do anything special this week, but we want to do something real special this coming week, especially for Leon going back to Maryland.

On the upcoming road trip, where the Bobcats will face Kansas and Maryland:
I was getting taped before the game and we were watching tv and I heard "No. 3 Kansas" and I thought: "Wow, a week from today that's us playing them." Not too many times in your life can you say that you played a top-five team and a team with all of the tradition that Kansas has. Maryland has a national championship, too. This is a huge week for Ohio basketball. It's an opportunity to make some noise and open up some eyes.

On the depth of the team and the play of players off of the bench:
It's still nice to have a break, even if those guys coming off the bench aren't hitting all of their shots. I said it before, with Bert [Whittington IV] and Allen [Hester] playing together before they came here, when they are on the floor together, you can just tell that they are going to look for each other. They're spark plugs off of the bench.

On today's crowd:
It was nice to have that many people here, even over the break. We love playing here because the fans are so great.

Ohio Senior Leon Williams
On what was the key to the win for Ohio:
We're just getting more committed on the defensive end to getting stops and letting that create more energy on the offensive end.

On the Bobcats' slow start to the second half:
I think that we came out a little bit relaxed because we went into [the half] with a big lead and they took advantage of that.  But we came back strong from that and got the win.

On looking forward to playing a game in his home state:
It's a great feeling. I can't wait. I don't want to get too excited and get in foul trouble and be on the bench.  I have been looking forward to this my entire college career. I have been telling Coach O'Shea "schedule Maryland, I want to play Maryland."  Now, it's finally here. I want to take advantage of the opportunity and hopefully we can come up with the win.

I grew up watching Maryland. That was my team, besides Ohio of course, but I grew up watching them. It is going to be a great feeling going back there to play them.

Has looking forward to playing in Maryland made it hard to focus over the last week:
Not at all. I know that we have to take it one game at a time and focus on the game that is at hand. Now that it is here, I can't wait. I'm just happy and excited.

On the depth of Ohio's bench:
It means a lot, knowing that if someone gets into foul trouble there is someone there to step up and take advantage of the opportunity. At the same time, we are able to wear down teams that only play five or six players regularly.