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Ohio vs. Shippensburg

Dec. 17, 2005

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Ohio Coach Tim O'Shea:


"A game like today is hard to play.  It's the biggest game (Shippensburg) will play on their schedule, and they scrapped for everything they got." 


"I give (Shippensburg) credit, they gave us a good workout, and that's what we were looking for.  They had won seven in a row coming in, so they're a pretty good Division II team to bring in here."


"In a way, it was exactly what I wanted -- a competitive game and a good workout, but a win.  That goal was accomplished."


"I knew Shippensburg had a pretty good team--they had 18 wins a year ago, they had four starters back and they came in on a seven-game winning streak.  They would beat some low-Division I teams with the team they have right now, so it was a good test for us.  It exposed some things we need to work on, which is important."


 (On Ohio committing 20 turnovers):

"We had some careless play against pressure, and that's something we need to work on before the game against Detroit."


"My biggest disappointment was when we went up 20 or 22 points, and I was trying to get the bench involved.  I really wanted to give (Ken) Ottrix and (Antonio) Chapman and (Johnnie) Jackson some minutes.  Unfortunately, with that group in they went on a run, and the lead went from 21 to 13, so then I had to get (the starters) back in the game.  I was really kind of disappointed that that group didn't take the lead from 21 to say 28, 29 or 30, so that the last several minutes of the game I could play everybody."


"To me, December is about trying out different combinations of players, figuring out the rotation and trying to get better."


"It was probably a frustrating game if you're a Bobcat fan because sometimes they assume you're going to go beat (Division II) teams by 30 or 40 points, and sometimes that doesn't happen."


(On Ohio forward/center Jerome Tillman's performance in his second game since returning from mono):

"I'm glad to see (Jerome) Tillman coming along.  I thought his second game back, this has got to help with his conditioning.  Missing a month is a long time.  He played well, and he has a big week ahead of him getting in a lot of repetitions in practice...As a coach you have to trust and have confidence in your players.  I'm starting to have confidence in Jerome."




(On Ohio guard Whitney Davis stepping into a major role of late off the Bobcat's bench):

"Whitney (Davis) has flat out earned it.  Whitney's a guy who came in here his first two years and didn't play much.  If anybody had a beef last year about deserving more playing time, it was probably Whitney Davis.  As a result, he's become a spark off the bench.  Consistently his minutes are among our top five, and I don't see that changing.  He's really fitting into that role of sixth man that I like to have."


(On Shippensburg forward Chuck Davis, who scored 30 points):

"He's a good player.  He gave them 30 (points), and nobody else gave them more than eight, so he kind of kept them in the game."


"We just want to keep improving.  We still have a very young team.  We're relying quite a bit on a freshman and two sophomores.  The younger they are, the more improvement they can show throughout the season.  I'm not at all unhappy right now about where we're at right now as a team."


(On Ohio's home game Friday against Detroit):

"Detroit is a huge game out there because if we can go into break 6-1...I'm in the camp who thinks if we can be 6-1 at Christmas, then that's a pretty good start.  We've played some road games, we've played some pretty good teams, and we've positioned ourselves well for the next part of the season."





Ohio forward Jeff Halbert:


"I was just excited to get out there. It was a quick turnaround (from the loss to Cincinnati), and it gave us a chance to get on the court again and get a good win under our belt, regardless of whether it's Division I or Division II." 


(On Shippensburg forward Chuck Davis, who scored 30 points):

"He's a solid player.  I feel like you could see him on any Mid-American Conference team.  We knew he was there go-to coming in.  He shot 12-21, and that's a good percentage.  We were really trying to key on him, so that just shows about his ability."


(On personally shooting 4-7 from 3-point range to raise his overall 3-point percentage to 57 percent):

"I don't think I've really been doing anything differently.  I've been getting a few shots up after practice, but I'm just getting good looks, and we're passing the ball well this year.  Leon is passing the ball well out of the post.  We had 19 assists today, and I think last year you wouldn't have seen that many assists early in the season."


(On allowing Shippensburg to go on a 10-0 run during the middle of the second half):

"I think that's still a problem we need to address because we had that problem last year, we had trouble putting teams away.  I think everyone is pretty disappointed with not putting them away when they're down with 12 minutes left."


(On the performance of Ohio forward/center Jerome Tillman in his second game since returning from mono):

"He brings another physical body out there to bang around.  Today he had three blocks and some rebounds.  He's another body out there, and he can give (Williams) a break if he does get in foul trouble."


(On Friday's home game against Detroit):

"Detroit is really going to be trying to get us because we won on a buzzer beater up there last year.  They're going to come up and play hard.  They're always a strong team, so I think our execution has to be on-point against their man-to-man defense."


Ohio forward/center Leon Williams:


"I was excited to get back out on the court.  We had to show that we're a different team than what we showed in the second half in the Cincinnati game, so I felt like it was a good opportunity for us to get out there and really showcase what we're about."


(On the performance of Ohio forward/center Jerome Tillman):

"He's a good back-to-the-basket type player, and I feel like we need that."