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20 Questions With Antonio Campbell

Campbell is a 6-foot-8-inch freshman from Covington, Ky.

Feb. 18, 2014

ATHENS, Ohio - Ohio University freshman forward Antonio Campbell is making great strides in his first season in a Bobcat uniform. The Covington, Ky., native is averaging 2.5 points and 2.4 rebounds in conference play while shooting 73.3 percent from the floor. In Saturday's win at Buffalo, Campbell scored Ohio's final six points and pulled down six rebounds in an impressive 13 minutes of action.

OhioBobcats.com writer Megan Carnahan sat down with the freshman to learn more about his life on and off the court.

1) You started high school as a quarterback. What’s the story behind your switch to basketball?
“My freshman year in high school, I was the varsity starting quarterback. Then, the second or third game into the season, I broke my left elbow and shattered it into pieces. I had to get surgery, and I had to get screws in it. I was told if I were to get hit hard again, it would shatter again, and I would need another surgery. The screws are actually still in my elbow today. So, I just retired from football and decided to play basketball.”

2) What skills from football do you bring onto the basketball court?
“Outlet passing, being able to throw the ball the length of the court.”

3) You've talked about pursuing a career in the CIA. How did that come about?
“I always had a thing for cop shows when I was younger. I still love watching them, actually. I don’t know, I was just inspired by cops.”

4) You knew Ricardo Johnson before coming here, so how have they helped you transition into college life and college basketball?
“Growing up, I watched Ric in high school. I knew that he committed to Ohio University. So, that actually influenced my decision as well, coming to play with someone I knew and someone I was familiar with. So, watching Ricardo here, he’s a hard worker and inspires me to work hard.”

5) What is your favorite thing to do off the court?
“My favorite thing to do off the court is probably to just play video games. I play 2k14 and Call of Duty.”

6) Who do you model your game after?
“I try to model my game after Kevin Love, who plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves. He’s actually a good outlet passer as well. A lot of coaches, growing up, compared me to him in a lot of ways.”

7) What is it like growing up with five other siblings?
“It was a big family. I was the oldest out of those other five, as well. I always had to play the big brother role and just lead by example.”

8) What is your favorite snack?
“My favorite snack would probably be Nutty Butty Bars.”

9) If you could invite any three people to a dinner, who would you choose?
“Barack Obama, Shaquille O’Neal and probably Kevin Love.”

10) If Hollywood were to make a movie about your life, who would you want to play you?
“I’d probably say Will Smith.”

11) Currently, what is your favorite song?
“K. Michelle – Can’t Raise a Man.”

12) Do you have any nicknames?
“Big Tone. I always just like to be called Tony.”

13) If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you want with you?
“Water, for one; someone else with me, like a brother of mine; and a tent.”

14) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you pick?
“The Bahamas.”

15) What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
“To play through anything, no matter what it is. For instance, the summer before I came here, I found out a family member of mine passed away, and I was actually at an AAU tournament. I got a call right before my game, and I was sobbing and crying and everything. So my mom told me, 'Keep your head up. He’s in a better place now. Keep playing and do what you do best.'"

16) Who is your hero?
“My mom.”

17) Who is the funniest on the team?
“There’s actually two people, Jon Smith and Wadly Mompremier.”

18) Who is the most talkative?
“Treg Setty.”

19) Who is the best dancer?
“Probably me.”

20) Who has the best laugh?
“Nick Kellogg.”