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Setty Sightseeing - Montreal, Blog 1

Redshirt junior forward Treg Setty and his Ohio men's basketball teammates are in Montreal for a three-game preseason summer trip.

Aug. 14, 2014

MONTREAL -- The Ohio University men's basketball team is in the midst of a three-game preseason summer trip to Montreal, and redshirt junior forward Treg Setty (Maysville, Ky.) has offered to provide #BobcatNation with a firsthand account of the team's visit to our neighbors up north.

Assistant coach Jason Kemp is also blogging about Ohio's trip to Montreal. You can check out his blog post here.

The 'Cats got their trip off on the right foot, defeating Queen's University by an 80-75 count on Wednesday (Aug. 13), with Setty chipping in 16 points and hauling in eight rebounds. 

The 2014 Academic All-Mid-American Conference Honorable Mention pick and his teammates spent the afternoon before the contest exploring the city of Montreal.


Setty Sightseeing - Montreal Blog Entry #1

After arriving in Montreal early Tuesday morning, it's been somewhat of a culture shock for us. (Sophomore forward) Wadly (Mompremier) and I are rooming with each other, and as we made our way into our room, our first instinct was to turn the TV on ESPN, per usual. As we began flipping through channels, we were faced with the devastating reality that there was no ESPN in Montreal (gasps!). This left us with two options: watch Canada's equivalent to ESPN (TSN), or actually go out and enjoy the scenery. We decided on the latter and went to check out the city with our teammates.

It's truly an unbelievable city. The people are as hospitable as they are back home in Athens. The city is filled with a mix of Victorian style cathedrals and 21st century architecture. The buildings are just a little bit bigger than Chubb and Alden! The pace is slow here and doesn't have the same kind of come-and-go feeling that most cities have in the States. Everyone here is kind and generous to us as we navigate our way through the city. It's made for an enjoyable stay so far.

Now, to basketball. Our game started off a little slow as we were all trying to get used to actually playing 5-on-5, having not had enough players to play 5-on-5 essentially all summer. We took our bruises to begin the game as Queen's took off and hit five three-pointers in their first eight possessions. As the first quarter ticked away, however, we finally began to settle in and really get in a groove. We began to fly around and get stops. It was as much fun I've had playing the game in a very long time. There was no second guessing for us out there. We were just having a good time and enjoying the game we all love so dearly. 

Coach Phillips (or Captain Phillips, as I like to call him) really infused us with an energy that got us going. As the game dwindled, we were up a few points and buckled down and got some vital stops that helped us win the game. Everyone stepped up, did their part and played their role. It was a great time out there, win or lose (although it's much more fun to win.)

As we're making our way through this trip, there's been one thing that we've all talked about and really feel grateful for. Here we are, in Montreal, Canada, and lo and behold, we are yet again followed by a posse of hunter green wearing Bobcat fans. To say that I, and we as a team, are blessed to wear this Ohio Bobcat uniform is a complete understatement. Our passion and desire for this university begins and ends with you guys. All that you do for us, whether it be donations, a kind word of encouragement, or simply displaying the loudest cheers heard in the MAC, never goes unnoticed by us players. I am truly thankful to play at a university that is so beloved by so many great people. 

Until next time Bobcat Nation, I'm out.

- Treg "The Peebles Champ" Setty