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Letters from Capt. Kuwik Photo Gallery

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Oct. 31, 2005

The cover shot for Mosul Thunder II - hopefully the Bobcats' 05-06 lineup will prove to have this much firepower.

The howitzer in front of the former palace of Saddam that I work in - gives you a great feel of the magnitude of both the gun and palace.

The fire team in action - two soldiers hold the round on a tray while the #1 man rams it into the gun. You can see the soldier alongside holding the powerful "Red Bag" propellant. The teamwork of 4th Section, Bravo Battery reminded me of "Fears to Troutman to Williams for the dunk."

Another great shot of the howitzer as it fires. You can see another one of the small palaces on the base in the background - this one is used as the base's recreation center.

Here I am with CPT Mike Bugaj, the Battery Commander for Bravo Battery/4-11 Field Artillery Battalion and proud Ohio University '97 alum. Looks like a good candidate for the alumni magazine to me - proof once again that there are Bobcats all over the world.