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Letters from Capt. Kuwik Photos

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Dec. 2, 2005

A birds-eye view of the 113th Engineer Battalion getting ready to form up for our Transfer of Authority ceremony.

A good picture on the roof of our headquarters of myself and Captain Mike Daake, my fellow battle captain and partner-in-crime.

Another good picture of our battalion in formation - I like this one because the engineer castle that we painted on our TOC is in the background.

A picture of myself and our interpreter-extraordinaire, Yasser, who earned a purple heart when he was hit with shrapnel from a mortar attack earlier this year.

Our battalion commander, LTC Shatto (back to us), with the help of Command Sergeant Major Smith, cases our colors for the final time in Iraq. The guidon bearer is Specialist Mackey, the sergeant major's driver and one of our best soldiers.

Major General Rodriguez (yes, those are two stars on his hat) commends the IRONMAN Battalion for a job well done.

A good shot of Saddam's palace, the headquarters of coalition forces in Mosul and where I worked for seven weeks, with the Tigris River in the background.

A nighttime shot of myself and Specialist Mitchell, one of our outstanding Bravo Company soldiers, prior to one of his platoon's route clearance missions a few weeks ago.

This is the picture I have been waiting for - when I fired the howitzer a month ago as part of Operation Mosul Thunder - again, thank God that thing fired!