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Ohio vs. Gardner-Webb Postgame Quotes

Sept. 2, 2007

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Ohio Head Coach Frank Solich

On Josh Abrams:

He really had a great game and it was obvious that the timing of his first blocked punt was critical in building momentum. Josh came back, blocked two more punts, scored a touchdown. So if you look at him he had a pretty complete ball game.


On Abrams three blocked kicks:

I've never ever seen it done. Never had it done by any team I've been associated with. There have been a couple of guys who have blocked 4, so Josh did not set a record, but he had a great game.


On getting Theo Scott playing time:

 Well I wanted to do both, give Brad a break and give Theo some playing time. It did get to the point where he was cramping up a little bit, and that's one of the reasons we went with Theo in the second half. We have a few things to iron out a little bit but he's capable of making plays.


On Bower's performance:

I thought for a first ball game I like the way he threw and I thought our receivers after a few dropped early passes caught the ball very well in the game.  I think we can keep developing a passing game, maybe get a little better at that phase of the game then we were last year.


On the Bobcats play in the first game of the 2007 season:

It was one of those games when at beginning you're frustrated a little bit. You want to separate yourselves from them but we never quite did that. I think they're a bit better than what most people give them credit for, we probably did not play as well as we had hoped to play for the first game.


On kicker Michael Braunstein:

I was very impressed with his kicking. That will be import to us down the road, that's obvious so it's good to see him with that kind of consistency.



Senior tailback Josh Abrams

On the punt formations the team practiced on:

Well, actually, the weird thing was that, the formation they had was nothing similar to what they had on film. They had a similar formation to us so we practiced against our own punt team and when we got out there it was totally different. So, Coach Brown gave us certain assignments to do.


On the Ohio bench be moved to the opposite side of the field from last season:

There were a couple of times where I came of the field looking to go to the wrong sideline. It's something that doesn't matter, you just want to go out there and play hard.


On his rushing touchdown in the first half:

Once I came in, Kalvin came out and we were close to the goal line. I told everyone that it could be my first one and they gave me a little extra motivation to get it done and I was glad to get it done.


What's better blocking kicks or scoring touchdowns?

I might have to say blocking kicks. I block the kicks he [McRae] gets the touchdowns so I put him in better position to score.



Senior quarterback Brad Bower

On the offense taking some time to get going:

Yeah definitely that's the biggest thing, getting back out there on the field, getting back into rhythm. Obviously we came out and took it too seriously to get going then once we got going we got everything underneath us and got it going.


On his performance against Gardner-Webb:

I felt I did pretty good, obviously. We did pretty good, took care of the ball, taking care of the ball was something we were working on and we did good in that area. Receivers ran good routes; I was getting good protection from the O-line all day. They made it easy on me.



Senior running back Kalvin McRae

On the offense gaining steam as the game progressed:

Not really, just stick with the game plan and I kind of figured it would take us a little while to get it going. The guys up front did a great job the fullbacks and everyone around me did a great job. I figured we could start wearing them down and the holes would start opening up.



Gardner-Webb Head Coach Steve Patton

On the outcome of the game:

I felt like we had some chances we gave away, and they're [Ohio] too good of a team to do that.


On his team's performance:

I felt like we should've played better, I think that we're a little better than we showed.  We had some blunders in the kicking game, some young people were trying to play.