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Ohio vs. New Mexico State Postgame Quotes

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Beau Blankenship, Running Back, Redshirt Junior

On the game
"The offensive line did a great job; they made holes for me to get in. We did our job and it showed. We were mentally and physically prepared."

Nathan Carpenter, Safety, Redshirt Sophomore

On the largest crowd in stadium history
"It was one of the biggest crowds in Ohio history; I think the fans are getting on board after Penn State."

On the game
"We need to be more than a second-half team."


Matt Weller, Kicker, Senior

On becoming the school's all-time leading scorer
"It's an honor and it's humbling."

On the largest crowd in stadium history
"The community really rallied together."


Tyler Tettleton, Quarterback, Redshirt Junior

On the game
"Praise goes out to the offensive line; they're one of the best in the nation. The first half was disappointing, but we got it rolling in the second half."


Frank Solich, Head Coach

On the game
"It was similar to Penn State, the defense and offense got better in the second half. In the third quarter we showed our ability to control the ball and put points on the board. In the second half we made no dramatic adjustments, we just executed better. I knew NMSU had potential for big plays after their game last week."


On Beau Blankenship
"Beau's done great in the two games, he hangs onto the ball and shows physicalness when he runs and that gives the team energy."


On the largest crowd in stadium history
"It was tremendous and entertaining, I thank all that came to the game. Having this crowd be so vocal was a huge advantage, and we'll try to play good football to keep this crowd involved."


On the quarterbacks and Derrius Vick
"We've got good, young quarterbacks. You could tell Vick wanted to run the ball and he's a capable thrower. He needs game action to show himself and you can tell that he wants to prove himself."


On the team
"We are mentally and physically tough. We have a good understanding of what it takes to be a good football team."

Junior SS Dele Junaid of New Mexico State

On the game and moving forward this season
"There is always room for improvement.  Every week we are looking to get better in every aspect of the game whether it is offense, defense, or special teams.  Everywhere we are looking to get better."

On sticking with Ohio in the first half but struggling in the second
"We have to go back and look at the film and correct our mistakes just like we do every week and at every practice.  We just have to get better."