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Post-Game Player Quotes

Sep 7, 2013

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Ohio vs. North Texas
Postgame Quotes
Sept. 7, 2013
Attendance: 24,511

Ohio University Head coach Frank Solich
On the game
“I thought it was a hard-fought, physical football game--basically what we thought going in. You could tell on film that they were physical on both sides of the ball they had very good skill people. They had a quarterback that’s very experienced and so we knew it would be a big challenge tonight. I like the way our guys faced that challenge and they came off of last week down but did not stay down they responded very well in terms of the practice throughout the week which was great to see. I thought we did enough tonight to win were a team that I still believe needs to keep getting better. We will need to keep getting better but we feel good about the win.“

On what needs to improve
“We need to improve up front and I think improvement did show. We had to try to establish a running game which we didn’t get done in the first game. So, that helped us in this game a great deal we had to not give up big plays. We had to get some big plays which we did not do in the first game so that all had to come into play. We wanted to keep doing what we were doing in terms of the one turnover against Louisville which was great. Both teams had one sack. Both teams had one turnover so that was not a mismatch there, but the places where we had the mismatches were on big explosive plays. We had to get that changed.”

On the positives from today’s game
“I like what they got done today, but I think that we will still be a team that keeps improving game by game. We have not reached our potential, and that’s ok. We have gotten off to fast starts before. We’re going to make sure that we are continuing to play football in the middle of November, and we’re playing our best. If we keep getting better, we will have a shot at doing that. There are a lot of good football teams out there and this was a big win because this was a very good football team. I am convinced of it and they will definitely cause some problems in their conference.”

On Marshall
“No one has been able to slow them down yet. That’s been obvious, so we’ve got to find a way to slow them down some and then find a way to put some points on the board because they are the type of football team that can just outscore. They do have a very good defensive unit; they are physical; they are good in special teams. I think that it’s a complete football team that we will be facing its going to be quite a match.”

Ohio junior wide receiver Chase Cochran
On the third down catch late in the game
“Obviously it was big to convert a third down to get a closer to get some points on the board. I actually had to come around with my right hand; my outside hand was getting grabbed, so I got it just with my right. It just kind of stuck.” 

On having the rep of being a deep threat receiver
“Partially, the coaches have been telling me to work on my short game to not be a one dimensional guy. If you are one-dimensional and you just go out there and run deep then you’re easier to cover. To be able to have a short game I’m just trying not to be one-dimensional. Because that’s what the coaches think will help us win.”

Ohio sophomore linebacker Jovon Johnson
On the linebackers good day without Keith Moore
“We are pretty confident with our rotation in the linebacker corps. Coach has confidence in us and he thinks we can play to back up Keith.”

“We knew the situation we were in and that they were coming back and gaining momentum. We just went out and tried to stop the momentum that they were gaining to turn it around and get our momentum back.”

On the defense’s improved physicality
“Throughout all week in practice the coaches were talking about being physical so we thought that we should come out and be physical and show how we can play defense.”

Ohio senior quarterback Tyler Tettleton
On the conversations on the sideline as Ohio’s lead went from 21-7 to 21-21 “I think everybody knew that this was going to be a fourth quarter game, a late fourth quarter battle and that every time we got the ball we would have to go down and put points on the board. We did a good job all around, offense, defense and special teams, and got the win.”

On what the veterans were saying during the last drive to the less experienced players
“We didn’t really say that much, we just knew that we had to go down and put points on the board. Like I’ve said before we have some really experienced guys on the offensive side of the ball and we’ve been there before so we knew what we had to do and we went down and did it.”

On the opening play touchdown to Cochran
“It was just kind of one of those plays that we love against their type of defense, so we knew we would have a chance to run it sometime in the game. It just happened to be the first play. It was great to start off that way and Chase made a great play.”

On the replacements on the offensive line for injuries
“I don’t think it was getting a feel for how they play, they know that they had to step in and play. They did a good job, it’s going to be a learning process because they are all new. We understand what we have [on the offensive line] and they did a good job. We lean on them and without them we wouldn’t have the success we had, obviously.”

Ohio senior running back Ryan Boykin
On what the veterans were saying during the last drive to the less experienced players
“Last week we didn’t produce as much as we would like to. We know we’re and good team and it’s just how good can we be? North Texas is a good team, and they are very physical. And I can’t forget the offensive linemen because without them we are nothing. But it felt good to be able to get back on track.” Ryan Boykin on the team recovering from last week’s showing.

On the first play TD
“Like Tyler said it was just a matchup situation. We thought we had a matchup with the corners they were playing. I was just trying to make a play to help the team.”