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Toledo 20, Ohio 13

Sept. 11, 2010

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ATHENS, Ohio -

Head Coach Frank Solich
Week 2 v. Toledo

On Poor Performance:

“Clearly one of the poorer ball games we’ve played in sometime. We can all share in the blame a little bit. We didn’t have our players prepared the way they needed to be. Across the board did not play well on the offensive side of the ball. Defense played pretty well an ok at times. Special teams was horrific, too many breakdowns. We have the type of players to battle back and we’re 1-1. We still have to go back to work on Monday”

On Boo Jackson staying in the game:

“Phil was not ready to come in. Boo is by far the most experienced quarterback we have so we felt like we would come out of what we were in. “

On offensive struggles:

“What we tried did not work. We wanted to have a better running game, but that never materialized tonight. We’ve got an offensive line that has potential. I don’t know what caused us to have that many false starts (4), we had two in the first game which is too many and obviously four is way out of line.”

On preparation for Toledo:

“I felt like we were on track in terms of getting prepared to play a good football game. I felt in our first game we did enough good things to feel like we would be able to step on the field in the second game and get better and show better. That’s the disappointing thing is that didn’t play out too much. “

On defensive play:

“I think of the three units it played the best. I think we gave up some key plays at times but they kept us in the game even though we couldn’t get anything done offensively.”

On preparation for upcoming Ohio State matchup:

“It’s about us. It’s about preparing to play much better football regardless of playing a great football team. That will be a huge challenge and that challenge can be met. Regardless of playing Ohio State next we won’t make any changes in regards to our preparation. It will be a huge challenge but that’s what football is all about. “

Ohio Quarterback Boo Jackson

On taking big hits throughout the game:

I expected to get hit hard. I mean, it’s football. Everyone hits hard. This was by far one of the games where I got hit the most. I feel a little banged up but nothing too serious. There are a lot of guys out there trying to protect me. Everyone got hit hard out there so it wasn’t just me. But I’m still here and it’s nothing a little ice can’t fix.

 On watching this game film and preparing for Ohio State:

They did a lot of different things defensively that we’ll probably also see next week. Toledo’s defense did a good job and we’re going up against Ohio State so they have their own defense. I know they’ll be looking at the game film from two years ago but this is a new year. I feel like when we look at this film, come Monday there will be a lot of things we do differently. Offensively we just have to produce. We’ll learn from the film but it’s in the past now.

Ohio Lineback Noah Keller

On getting caught in difficult situations:

Anytime you have a short field and they keep coming with momentum off of turnovers it’s definitely hard. But we just needed to do better. We’ve been held to short fields before and we need to hold them to field goals and not just give up touchdowns like we did. I think the defense played decent today.

On getting frustrated during the game:

I think the thing that we were getting most frustrated about was the fact that we couldn’t produce any turnovers that second quarter. We had the ball on the ground only one or two times that second quarter. We couldn’t capitalize on any of those after getting two interceptions that first half. There are going to be times when our offense might struggle and might not be able to score points so the defense has to be able to step up and score.

On his sack:

I was just coming in on the blitz and the back released so they didn’t have anyone to cover me. I just thought I would maybe make him make a bad throw or get a hit after he got rid of the ball. But he pumped faked and kind of pulled it down.

On losing the MAC opener and moving forward:

It’s going to be an uphill climb now. We definitely don’t have the most favorable schedule now so we’re just going to start preparing for next week and hopefully start to get things rolling again.

Ohio Wide Receiver LaVon Brazill

On the mistakes on special teams:

I just have to feel more punts, you know. The one that bounced I should have grabbed it on the first bounce but I waited until the second and it cost me. They made big plays on those. I was frustrated back there that they wouldn’t punt me the ball. I wanted to put the ball in my hand and make a play but it’s like they were trying to avoid me.

On the struggles offensively:

They were in a zone so that allowed them to keep everything in front of them. Every time I caught it they were right on me.

Toledo Head Coach Tim Beckman

On today’s game:

I’m proud of them. To come to Athens and play they way they did, I couldn’t be more proud of what they did.  It was a sloppy one, but it was a win, and that’s how it will always be in the record book.. 

On the statement of this game:

If you’re going to win the championship, you have to learn how to win on the road and we challenged these young men back when we found out what the schedule was going to be like and what it was going to be all about.  We knew we had to come down here and play a defending champ and we came down and did exactly what we needed to do.

 On Austin Dantin:

He made a play when it needed to be made.  The third down, he threw a little play-action , had to scramble out of it, threw it up, and then again some credit has to go to Kenny Stafford because it was a heck of a catch.

 Toledo Linebacker Archie Donald

 On defensive play:

I felt that the defense played all four quarters. I mean that’s the best way to describe it.  We just all flew around and made a lot of plays.  I give the praise to our front four, Malcolm Riley, Johnnie Roberts, T.J. Fatinkun and Alex Johnson.  They really got after it and freed us [the linebackers] up to make plays.  Our secondary also provided solid coverage on the back end.

 Toledo Quarter Back Austin Dustin

 On today’s game:

Well I mean they came out strong and they have a great defense. We can all see why they won the MAC East.  They won through defense and special teams and they came out and had a good game plan. They threw some things at us that we weren’t expecting and they had a solid defense, but I’m really proud of the way our offense played at the end.  You know, we were finally able to maintain a drive at the end, and get that touchdown.  The offensive line played solid and pushed us through at the very end, getting two first downs to seal the game. 

 On adversity the offense and he faced:

Well, I think really when we started out we killed ourselves. I had two turnovers but we finished strong and our defense put us in great position to win the game.  You know, as a whole, we finally started to get drives going and get it down the field. That’s what we wanted to do and because of that we were able to win the game.

 Toledo Linebacker Dan Molls

 On his game today:

You know, it was just great to be out there. It’s amazing to see what can happen when you have eleven guys doing their assignments. Everybody’s just working together and great things happen. Tonight just happened to be my night.  I was in the right place at the right time a few times and I just made the plays but I have to give credit to OU’s offense.  They have a lot of great athletes and they made some plays out there and we just had to respond. I’m just very proud of how our defense played tighter.  We played hard all four quarters and we finished the game.