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Ohio vs. Marshall Post-Game Quotes

Sept. 15, 2013

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Ohio 34, Marshall 31
Ohio University Postgame Quotes
Athens, Ohio | Peden Stadium
Attendance: 24,836
Sept. 14, 2013

Ohio WR Matt Waters
On battling through injuries
"It's huge, especially for our defense, we knew coming in that this team [Marshall] can throw the ball really well and it was key for our defense to make plays for us. On offense we've had a few lineman go down but we've had guys step up and have been doing great in practice. They gave the prefect game for us tonight and we got the job done."

On taking advantage of the Marshall secondary
"We saw that they were playing a lot of outside coverage on those guys and we felt like we could take advantage of it across the board. We've got great receivers and we had an idea and knew what they were doing. We've played that defense coordinator for years now. He was at Temple and now he's with Marshall so we've got a great idea of what they are doing and it feels pretty good to beat them again."

On his role on the team
"I like knowing that if the quarterback is in trouble he looks to me. I will relish in that moment if he [Tettleton] throws one up and expects me to make a play. It's that worked out. I'm his blanket - if he gets in trouble he's coming to me. It just happens that if he scrambles, I'm running in the same direction with nobody on me."

Ohio TE Troy Hill
On Ohio's winning streak
"It means a lot to the university, the coaching staff, players and campus as a whole. We put in effort and hard work. People thought the streak was going to end tonight, but it didn't. It shows that we were the underdog once again and it felt good to prove everybody wrong."

On his offensive performance
"It felt good getting back into the rhythm and playing my part and getting open as much as I can. I just try to stay consistent with what I can do."

Ohio CB Devin Bass
On executing Ohio's defensive game plan
"They had been running curls the whole game and that's kind of their favorite route so I was sitting on that. Anytime you have a rivalry game it gives that extra intensity to the team and the defense did everything it could to give the offense a chance to score. I feel like everybody was playing together tonight and it was a great game for everyone."

On his fourth-quarter interception
"It seems to always come down to the wire with these guys and that's why it's a rivalry. I'm just lucky enough to be in that position to make that play and do it in anyway I can."

"I'm one of the smaller corners out there and I feel that a corner must be tried. They are going to try before they stop trying to see. I feel that tonight I was able to do my part and play to the best of my ability."

On the Bobcats' defensive touchdown in the first half
"It was kind of wild and a mad scramble and for us to get that was huge. It was a huge momentum boost. I've never seen anything like that before."

Ohio QB Tyler Tettleton
On the second half
"It came down to just feeling more comfortable about what they were doing. We kind of had an idea about what they were doing in the second half and things started clicking. A lot of guys stepped up tonight. It just felt good to win three years in a row."

On the Ohio offense against Marshall
"We had an idea of what they were doing there in the second half so there were a lot of plays that we ran over and over to beat them. Our guys made plays and we were just clicking."

On battling through injuries
"It honestly did not feel like anybody was missing. We had guys step in. They are guys that have gotten a lot of reps and without those guys we wouldn't be putting up points and yards. They have done a tremendous job of stepping in and filling that void and making plays for us."

On the win over Marshall
"It feels amazing. This game is more than a game. It's such a fun and cool rivalry."