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Ohio vs. Marshall Post-Game Quotes

Sept. 17, 2011

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LB Noah Keller
On bringing the Bell back to Ohio:
"It felt great. Going back to not only last year but also two years ago, it just feels good to get it back and have it where it belongs. I would be lying if I said that there wasn't a little bit of a revenge factor coming into the game. You want to win every game but I wanted to win this one quite handily."

On forcing Marshall quarterback Rakeem Cato to turn the ball over:
"Coming into this game we knew he had a strong arm and could put the ball down the field if he needed to. He had some good passes, but there are going to be some times when our defensive backs come down with the ball."

On the momentum swing after the first interception.
"It definitely gave the offense good field position and momentum. It was definitely a big advantage, but we had to make sure from then on that we weren't letting things get behind us with some of their play action calls. We did a good job of eliminating those explosive passes that can generate points."

WR LaVon Brazill
On wearing the new black jerseys:
"Putting these jerseys on meant a lot to us. We've been wanting black uniforms for a long time and today was the day to bring them out. We played a good game in them."

On being the first one to touch the Bell:
"Noah and Jordan were trying to beat me to it, but I told them that I was going to get it and be the first to ring it. The Bell hasn't been here in so long and since I've been here, I have never rung the Bell so I decided to get to it first."

QB Tyler Tettleton
On the success of the bubble screen plays:
"To be honest, I think we ran that play 10 to 15 times the whole game. They kept showing the same defense and it was just an easy read for me. We did a great job when we had the ball and we just made things happen."

On his ability to get the ball out quickly:
"That was a big emphasis this week. We didn't know what they would do in terms of blitzing so we just had to get it out. It's always good to get it out as quickly as possible and our guys made plays when we did."

LB Nathan Carpenter
On playing against his brother in front of his home crowd: "It was definitely an experience tonight. We both played a great game and our team just came out on the right side of the track. We shut down a lot of their players who we thought would do well. Marshall's a good team but we went out there and got the job done."

Head Coach Frank Solich
On the play of the team overall:
"I certainly didn't expect this kind of outcome for this game. I know Marshall is a good team and a physical team, but we just got rolling early and forced some turnovers early. Pretty soon we had all the momentum and it just kind of snowballed our way. The game just turned out the way it did and I'm proud of our players for playing four quarters. It had to be a frustrating game for Marshall, but our players kept pushing and that's probably as good of a game as we've had in a while."

On the team's mindset after announcing the black jerseys:
"The only problem with that is you still have to kick the ball off and play the game. As a coach, if it helps your players and helps your recruits, then you're happy. You're always worried about them getting too excited, but I think it's great. We were glad to be able to do it."

On the progress and poise of Tyler Tettleton:
"He's been impressive this year and I think he just keeps getting better. He admitted to being a little nervous at the beginning of the year, but that's understandable. He's a very calm and composed young man who knows our offense and just doesn't let anything get him down. That's the key to good quarterback play. If you can keep from getting down and your body language is positive, you're going to have your players rally around you. Everybody's doing their part to help him and right now our offense has been impressive."