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Ohio-Cal Poly Quotes

Sept. 20, 2009

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Ohio head coach Frank Solich

On the game as a whole:

There were a lot of good things that happened out there. There were times where it got a little frustrating and we had opportunities to make plays and we didn't make them. All in all, I thought the effort was great, I thought we were physical. We did make plays at times on both sides of the ball and on special teams which was a goal that we had. We took pretty good care of the ball, we did have that interception at the end of the game, but other than that took fairly good care of the ball. One of our goals was to beat them in the turnover battle and we did that.


On Theo's performance and settling in as only quarterback:

I thought he played well at the end of the game at Texas. I thought that carried over into practices this week. I though he was very composed in practices and did an excellent job directing and managing our team in practice and it seems the confidence is now there. It's going to have to come about every week, but that was really great sign. I thought he really looked good. When he's playing like he did tonight, he can get things done for you offensively.


On Chris Garrett's performance:

I think it is a step forward and was pleased we were able to get some things done with the ground game. We had a mixture of offensive linemen that we were using in there. There were different guys in and out of the game for us, and I think we're getting better. We have to keep improving in that area and just keep getting better game by game. It was good to see him have a little daylight. He got a chance to get to the linebacker area and make a move or two. He has great quickness and has great toughness too. He's one of those backs that if you give him a little help, he's going to do a lot for you. Tonight it seemed like he had some opportunities and it seemed like he made the most of them. Hopefully we can just keep building off of that now


On defending the option:

I thought they did an excellent job, and they did the things we asked them to do. You are always concerned about their play-action pass after all the run and someone running free. You know we had a little bit of that against VMI last year.  Our coaches did a lot work last year studying programs and studying the triple-option and people were defending it, and I think all he time spent came in handy.


On the Bobcats' secondary:

Yeah, we did a great job. You look at our three safeties that played tonight, Patrick (Tafua), Donovan Fletcher, Gerald Moore, I thought all of three did a very good job for as little playing time they have in our system. We were a little worried about that because there was just a lot of inexperience at the safety spot, and against this kind of team, it's not what you look for. They look for inexperience so they can get them to come up on the run so they can throw over them, but they did a very good job. I thought our corners played well too, we used a lot of corners in the game.


On converting third downs:

I don't think we were in a lot of third and extra-long downs, and Theo was throwing the ball well and putting it on the money. Any time you're throwing the ball well, you'll be able to have manageable third downs yardage wise and that's what we were able to do tonight.


On Taylor Price:

Most of it was just going through reads, and the reads will take you to the right guy. I thought they were having trouble with him tonight, and on some of the routes he was coming free. If he was the primary route we didn't have to go to our second receiver. I think his skill and speed caused them a lot of problems, and Theo was able to find him pretty easy.


On playing Tennessee:

You know what you're getting into. You have to get your guys ready to go and perform at a level that will create an opportunity to make plays, and if you make plays, you may find yourself in a game. They're a very physical, excellent football team with a lot of skill and a lot of strong, physical guys inside, so they're a load for anybody to handle. They've got good coaches, they've got good athletes, there's no reason why they can't line up and play with anybody. We expect it to be as physical of a football game as we've played.  


Junior linebacker Noah Keller

On how the defense played:

I thought the defense played well tonight. They only had a few big plays, some circus plays I guess you can say. Other than that I think we played real well. Coach got us in the right spot. They changed it up a lot from last year compared what we did against VMI. I think Cal Poly wasn't prepared to see what we had. We kind of just surprised them after coming out after last year when we gave up over 500 yards to VMI. We wanted to step it up after that and I think we did that.


On approaching the Cal Poly game mentally:

Coach Solich made sure going in that we weren't overlooking this team. He said that the teams that you are supposed to beat to make sure you beat those ones, and that's definitely what we did.


Senior quarterback Theo Scott

On his chemistry with Taylor Price and if he is his go-to guy:

Yeah he is my roommate from last year too. He's the guy. He's my go to guy.


On thoughts on his playing and not making mistakes:

It's execution, just knowing that I have receivers. I want to throw it to a spot where only they can catch it or nobody catches it. "


Senior wide receiver Taylor Price

On how the offense played:

All week we've been watching film and we only had one game on them so we didn't know what defense to expect. We knew they were going to throw a lot of stuff at us. Coach said we have to make plays and that's what we did tonight.


On the touchdown between him and Theo:

That's just Theo for you. He has that ability. He adds that extra dimension to our offense where he can escape pressure, get outside the pocket, keep his eyes on the field and he saw me for the big play and we connected on it.


Cal Poly Head Coach Tim Walsh


On Ohio's defense pressuring quarterback Tony Smith:

We got ourselves in situations you don't want to be in, the third and eight's, the third and seven's.  Everyone sees the results and when the quarterback is comfortable, good things happen in the passing game. Tonight that was not the case.


On Ohio's big plays on offense:

One thing you can't do defensively is give up big plays. There were probably four big plays and one thing we have to work on is when we get them in third and long we have to get them off the field. They were real good in third down efficiency in the first couple of quarters. 


On handling Ohio's receivers:

We had some good coverage out there and they made catches on us. You have to give credit to your opponents. They have some wideouts who made some catches where the quarterback put it in some pretty good spots.