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Post-Game Player Quotes

Sept. 21, 2013

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Ohio 38, Marshall 0
Ohio University Postgame Quotes
Athens, Ohio | Peden Stadium
Attendance: 19,577
Sept. 21, 2013

Ohio DE Ty Branz
On the shutout
"This was huge for us. It has been a long time if ever that we've got a shutout and that's what everybody on defense was pushing for and hoping for. That was our goal."

On Ohio's 3-1 record
"We are still on track. We just ended our pre-conference games and the season is coming up. The first loss is hard to take but after that we got right back on track and we're headed in the right direction going into conference play."

On Austin Peay's scoring opportunities in the second half
"They made a couple of big plays and pushed us back but the big thing is that we bend but don't break on defense."

On the development of the defensive front seven
"I think out defensive line has come out and really shown itself. We were kind of the squad that was under fire with graduating four seniors and not really having any starters. There just was not as much experience up there and we came in and everybody stepped up and has been doing really good for us. Coach Williams has just been really hard on us and making sure that we're grinding everyday to make sure that we are not going to be the ones that are making mistakes. We're going to be out there making plays."

Ohio RB Daz'mond Patterson
On the team's 251 rushing yards
"Running the ball has been great for us today. Lately we have not been able to get much in the running game but if we can get that going then it opens up for touchdowns a lot more."

On coming back from the Louisville loss
"We don't have the type of people on our team that are going to get down because we lost one game. We lost the first game of the season that we were already favorited to lose in and we all had the mindset that we had to come back and make North Texas pay for it. We have just been moving along from there."

On his reverse play in the second half
"It feels good to be able to get in the game and the coach has something specifically for you. We have Boykin in the back right now and that's the main way I'm going to get my carries at the slot position. That's the main way I'm going to get the ball. When I can carry the ball from the slot position it feels good."

Ohio WR Matt Waters
On success in past games
"I have a routine that I kind of stick to. I also take what Coach Jason [Grooms] says to heart. Every little tidbit I take to heart and I try to implement that into my game, even if it's some little thing about how I position my hands. It doesn't really all come back to me. There are a lot of people involved in making those touchdowns so you could add all of those lineman that were blocking for me."

On coming back from the Louisville loss
"One thing that Coach Solich says is that as much as that loss hurt and as embarrassed as we were we have to throw that out. We didn't play well and that wasn't the Ohio team that we know we can be so it hurts and we remember it. But at the same time we're throwing that out and just trying to move on the best that we can because the more we linger on that it's going to affect games down the road."

On recovering from injuries during the bye week
"We have a few guys on the offensive line that are a little banged up, we had a D-lineman go down today and then Keith, we've been missing him since the first drive of Louisville, so this bye week is definitely going to help. I think most of the guys are planning on their return being the Akron game so if we take this week and get healthy we should have a full healthy squad when we go into Akron."