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Postgame Quotes: Ohio vs. Norfolk State

Sept. 22, 2012

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Ohio 44-10 Norfolk State
September 22, 2012

Beau Blankenship, 22, RB, redshirt junior
On the game

“We scored quick and kept that pace.”
“I try to do whatever they ask me to do.”
“It feels great being 4-0; we want to keep it going.”

Derrius Vick, 15, QB, redshirt freshman
On his performance

“I thought I did alright.”
“I had no expectations; I focused on executing and doing what could be controlled.”
“I was nervous, obviously, but felt good after the first play.”

On the team

“We have a good offensive group.”
“They know it’s their time to play. We have playmakers and they keep the defense on their toes.”

Donte Foster, 3, WR, redshirt junior
On Derrius Vick

“He was outstanding. He stepped up to the plate and delivered.”
“He executed, called the right plays and threw well.”

On he and Derrius Vick

“We run plays at practice and today he threw it right on the money.”

On the game attendance

“It feels great to have support from the students. We feed off their energy and we enjoy it.”

Keith Moore, 38, LB, redshirt junior

On the game

“Anybody can win on any given day.”
“Coach has zero tolerance for penalties, and I just don’t want to make coach mad.”
“The defense has been shaky early, but it clicked today.”
“The coaches stress turnovers and downs, and we produced today.”

Frank Solich, Head Coach

Opening statement

“I feel good for the team with four straight wins.”
“I knew our non-conference games would be difficult.”

On the game

“It was a tale of two halves; in the second half we substituted early and I expected better results.”
“I’m too much of an optimist; I expect them to look great."
“The guys held their composure.”

On the team

“Sometimes we play like the team we can be and are.”
“I hope we can get our program to where we can keep building.”
“There were fouls, but none that were blatant by our team.”
“We’re going to try and win football games and have no personal battles on the field.”

On Derrius Vick

“He had an excellent game. He has one of those personalities where he handles things well and is calm, a lot like Tyler, and he knows his offense.”
“He made outstanding individual plays.”
“He’s an excellent runner, which you didn’t get to see much of today.”
“He gets as many reps as Tyler in practice.”