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Ohio vs. Kent State Post-Game Quotes

Sept. 24, 2005

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Kent State vs. Ohio
September 24, 2005
Head Coach Frank Solich

Opening Statement:
"Well I'm pretty happy and pleased for the players and the staff to have them open up with a win in the MAC. I think was a hard-fought contest. I give a lot of credit to Kent State. I think they played hard. We gave up too many big plays after scoring some points to allow them back in the game. We are moving in the right direction, but we still have to be a team that learns how to win and not make it so difficult on ourselves, but we did play hard. I thought with the fourth game now we played hard and I think the break is coming at a good time for us. I think we are worn down right now. We are going to give them some time off. Then start on Sunday to preparation for the week of Bowling Green."

On Kent State's big plays:
"We allowed them to gain confidence and get right back into the game mentally and that hurt us. That seemed to happen periodically throughout the course of the game."

On the offense:
"Kent State has got good defensive personnel. They led the MAC in total defense last year and were ranked 15th nationally and had 7 players returning and so it wasn't automatic to line up and move the ball on them and put points on the board. I thought Tim Albin and the offensive staff did a good job putting together a game plan that we were able to utilize and get some things done. We ended up with 77 plays run offensively. That was by far the most amount of plays we've run in a football game and that's what it needs to be. I think they ran 76, and that's a little lower than they're used to, but we need to get that number down into the 60s. In some ways we could of controlled that a little bit better than what we did. But I'm glad were starting to show some productivity on the offensive side."

On the running game today:
"I thought there was a combination of reasons we were able to run the ball well. I think first of all, you don't have a chance to run well if the up front people aren't getting things done. I thought they had a good day as far as blocking. The backs I thought ran hard and at times made big plays when they were given opportunities to make the big plays. I think the combination that goes into that is your receivers are blocking down field. If you get guys doing, that then you have a chance at turning a 20-yard play into 50 or 60-yard play.

More on the offense:
"We're starting to define ourselves as to what were all about offensively. Its taken a little bit of time to do that, to see exactly what we can do well and what we don't do so well. We need to start to concentrate on what we do well and work on that."

On Dion Byrum's start to the season:
"I did want to bring up the fact that Dion has five interceptions (4 interceptions and 1 fumble recovery) on the year, and I don't know how many guys have 5 interceptions around the country within 4 games. I think he's starting to show that he should be considered for any award that's out there as far defensive back or from the defensive side of it. If he continues to play the level that he's playing right now then I think there's going to be some awards that are going to come in his way. I am not a big individual guy but he's gotten off to the kind of start that I would like to see him get the recognition that's due him, and certainly from that, our program will get recognition."

Ohio vs. Kent State
Ohio Player's Quotes
September 24, 2005

Running Back Kalvin McRae
In regards to today's offense:

"Our offensive line did a really great job today opening up holes. They did a good job blocking and making our job easy."

On Ohio's running game:
"Our coaches challenged us to get yards after contact today. I knew we were capable of it as a backfield. It was time to share it with everyone else what we could do it."

On working together with Voncarie Owens:
"Splitting time isn't a bad thing. I split time last year. I think we have a good duo going on here. I got a little bit of power, he has the speed, and it encourages each other to make the play."

On success of today's game given the previous offensive struggles:
"Getting a lot of yards in the gaps was a good confidence boost for us. We had a goal of scoring thirty-five points and we did it. We're a good offense team, as well as a good defensive team. It was our job and our time to step up."

Running Back Voncarie Owens:
On his touchdown run:
"The play was designed to go to the right, but there was a big hole, and I saw the daylight, so I used my ability to make it to the end zone."

On the success of today's game given the previous offensive struggles:
"It was big. Coaches talked about making big plays and breaking up the field after contact, and we worked on that all week in practice."

Cornerback Dion Byrum:
On his two big games at home:
"Everybody loves playing at home. Home crowd, family, friends. We love Peden. You know the field like you know the back of your hand."

Linebacker Matt Muncy
On his big hit in the fourth quarter:
"It felt great. It's always a dream to be put in that kind of position. I anticipated them throwing up the middle, and they kept throwing that little crossing-route, and right there I just found myself in the right place."

On wanting a big play and getting it:
"Yeah, it felt good to force a turnover. The first three games I really didn't get a chance to get my hands on the football or force a turnover, so it felt good. Also, to make a few tackles behind the line of scrimmage felt good too."

On whether or not the team was tired in the fourth quarter:
"At the end of the fourth quarter we weren't really putting any pressure on the quarterback, and he was picking us apart. I don't think anyone was really tired at the and of the game. Throughout the game we were subbing people out because we knew how we were playing, and if it came down to it, at the end of the game we were going to need fresh guys."

On Ohio catching breaks they didn't get in previous years:
"I think Coach Solich and his staff really helped us out. We expect to win. We don't look around waiting for someone to make the big play and turn the game around."

Kent State Quotes

Head Coach Doug Martin
On the game:
"The game came down to turnovers and their ability to run the ball on us. We did some really good things on offense. We're just still too young offensively to be where we want to be. There's no way to speed that up. It's just going to take time to mature. We just couldn't rise up to the challenges that OU gave to us today. They played a great game."

On Michael Machen's knee injury:
"Obviously, the injury will set him back, but I have a lot of confidence in Jon Brown. That's why we recruited Jon. He played good offense in high school and he did a great job in there today."

Wide Receiver Najah Pruden
On frustration regarding level of team talent and preparation for next year:

"There's not too much frustration. The one thing was that there were too many turnovers and that's how Ohio won on us. Our head are not down, we're still up. We still have seven games left in the season and we're trying to end this [part of] the season with 7-0 right now."

On the touchdown play:
"I wasn't feeling any desperation. That's what I do. I came here to play and that's what happened. I sprung open, I broke a tackle, and took down the sideline. My team needed me the most right there, so I had to come up with a big play."