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Ohio Post-Game Quotes

Sept. 24, 2006

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Head Coach Frank Solich
On the missed field goals in the first half:
"We left seven points on the field in terms of field goals (and PATs). Certainly, those two that were blocked were our fault. The kicks were very, very low. They didn't have a chance. That's one thing we knew coming in. If we were going to get things done in this ball game, we had to win those phases of special teams play. We could not have field goals blocked, miss field goals, let some yardage be lost in the punting game and the kicking. All those things add up against us. There were some bright spots early on, but then as the game went on we wore down and were not able to sustain things on either side of the ball well enough to be able to make it a game."

On not being able to capitalize on the first-half opportunities:
"We missed all kinds of opportunities in the first half. There's no question that if we take advantage of those that we could have went into halftime ahead. That's always discouraging, and you can't let those kinds of points go by against a good football team and expect to not have it hurt you in the end."

On the blocked kicks:
"His (Matt Lasher) kicks were way too low. That's something that's never been a problem for him up until these two kicks. He's always had great height on his punts, his kickoffs, his field goals and extra points. Today, he seemed to be a little off in all phases of his game. He didn't punt the way he's capable of punting. He didn't kick off necessarily the way he can kick off, and certainly his field goals were a problem."

On Matt Lasher performing all three kicking duties:
"He's done all three in the first few games and done them very well. It's not all that difficult to do. It's not like he's playing 40 or 50 snaps a game to where a guy wears down. In that part of it, you shouldn't wear down. He's a competitor so he'll come back. It was just one of those games where he was just not on."

On the difference between the first half and second half:
"There was a combination of things from the first half to the second half. I think we wore down some. They're a big, strong, physical football team and that can wear you down. That became a problem in the second half. They blitzed more as the game went on. We had an option that went 30 or 40 yards, and we get called for holding. We had one in that same half where we had an errant pitch. What they did up front was what we wanted them to do in terms of executing the option game. We just needed to execute the pitch and we have a big play there. When you have big play opportunities you have to make them. We did not make them. We had very few big plays in this ball game."

On being able to move the ball in the first half:
"I think we had a good game plan. There were some things that caught up to us in this one. Rutgers is a smaller defensive front, but a faster defensive front. Missouri has a physical defensive front that's very athletic. You can win with either one of those kinds of fronts."

On getting back home for the next two games:
"It'll be good to get a couple of home games under our belt. Traveling itself can be a challenge in itself. When you do it three weeks in a row, and you're playing three very good football teams in Northern Illinois, Rutgers and Missouri, it can take its toll on you. We'll be glad to get back home."

Junior Running Back Kalvin McRae
On the offense's struggles:
"Any time you're playing from behind it gets you in a situation where you can't really run what you want to run. I think that played a factor in it. We just mis-executed some plays."

On not scoring on some of the first-half opportunities:
"Any time you don't get points on the board it's a huge momentum change. We could've used those points. It probably could've swung momentum our way, but we've just got to let the game go and get ready for Bowling Green."

On the difference between the first half and second half:
"In the first half we picked up yards and got them out of their zone. In the second half, they blitzed a lot more so we had to pick up the blitz. Getting yards in the first half kind of took them out of the defense they wanted to run, but it took us out of the offense as well."

Senior Quarterback Austen Everson
On Missouri's defense:
"Missouri played hard all day. They were really aggressive. In the second half I think they kind of pinned their ears back and came after us a little bit. They did some different things that kind of disrupted our offense. We got out of rhythm and couldn't get things going. We missed some opportunities early to put points on the board. We just have to take care of our opportunities better."

On not capitalizing on some opportunities:
"Any time you have a chance to get points against such a good opponent, and come away with zero points, it's hard and sometimes disheartening. We fought back and drove back into the red zone, but we just missed our opportunities again."

On the offense's play:
"We were able to drive the ball early. The things we were doing were working. Then we'd have turnovers and blocked kicks, and penalties hurt us all day, just mistakes that we need to cut out. It was really frustrating, but we can work on that and get better."

On where the team goes from here:
"There are definitely signs that we're a team on the move. These are out-of-conference games, and sure they're an L on the schedule, but we've got to make sure we get back into the MAC and be ready to go."

On next week's home game:
"We came into a tough stadium, and definitely the Missouri crowd was loud and was on us. It's going to be nice to head home finally, play in front of the home crowd and definitely finally get some support."