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Post-Game Quotes: Ohio vs. Bowling Green

Sept. 30, 2006

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Ohio Head Coach Frank Solich
"It's extremely disappointing for us as a program, but there are disappointments in football, and its how you respond to those that end up determining eventually what you are all about in this game. We will respond in a manner and get back to work, and look at what we need to get better to improve across the board. There were a lot of things we did not do well today. We need to get some things turned around a little bit."

On the reason for the loss: "I'm not sure what the combination of it is, but it caused us to perform not at the level that we are capable of performing. Bowling Green has a good team. We did get somewhat dominated up front on the offensive and defensive line. That really becomes tough to overcome in terms of getting things done the way you want to do it on the offensive side of it and also on the defensive side of it. It all led to a little bit of frustration for us as the game went on. We did not appear to be as quick of a football team as we are. Our speed at positions we know we have speed at didn't seem to show. We didn't make big plays. That's got to be what we are all about on both sides of the ball. Bowling Green had given up six turnovers the week before and given up five sacks the week before to Kent. It's obvious that they had a different kind of game against us then they did against them. That's back to creating turnovers on our end. I thought we might be able to have advantages on special teams, but that didn't turn out the way we wanted it to. We were not able to field many punts. Some of it was because of poor punting, some of it was because on the last one we moved him up a little bit and they hit one over his head. They covered the punts well. They got the ball out of Chris Garrett's hands. He is a guy that can establish field position for you."

On any changes on the offensive line"
"We have made a switch. We've moved Josh Leuck over to the offensive end of it. He will end up becoming an excellent offensive lineman for us. But you don't pick up or transfer to the offense side in one week's time and step on the field and make an impact for your team. He is going through a learning process. When you look at where a team starts to struggle a lot of times it can be up front, and in this game it was. They were bigger and stronger than what we were up front, and I think that shows on both sides of the ball. We are capable to playing better up front, and it all doesn't come back to them. There were plenty of us that didn't go a good job today on the football field."

On the direction of the program:
"We tried to show where the program is where we want it to be in terms of direction, but we still got some work to go to have that happen. I'm certainly not disappointed in the effort, but we did not look quick and fast as we normally are. There is probably a combination of things that made that happen. But I think the kids continue to play hard. We had a lot of holding penalties and other things that put ourselves in long-yardage situations. You just aren't able to overcome that very often, and if we don't keep that from happening we're not going to put a lot of points on the board."

On the first two drives of the game:
"That supplied some momentum for them. In a game like this when you can get a little momentum it's a key. It's not the whole ball game. You still have to line up and play so you can overcome those things, but it's nice to get that momentum. It would have been nice to take that first drive and finish that off and put points on the board, but you still have the rest of the game to go. If you think you're the team you want to be then you can overcome some disappointment at the beginning of the game and still make it work."

On the offense:
"We show flashes of being good, but flashes don't get it done. It is obvious that we need to work on the offensive side of the ball. There is no magic answer to that, but you keep breaking it down and keep working on the things to get a little bit better. You try to play football and not hurt yourself. We've been doing that lately. That hurts ourselves a little bit, which is above and beyond what are opponents playing. We have to get where we are not getting penalized with the kind of penalties that take you out of drives. There are some breakdowns on individual plays that put us in a difficult situation too."

On the number of trick plays by both teams:
"Both teams came into this game knowing that the other team is capable of playing good football, and that it may come down to a few plays that makes the difference."

On the attitude of the team:
"I like what the kids are all about. I like how they come to practice, come to work, stick together and battle to put this thing together. It is obvious that it is not easy taking it from where it was to a championship football team. There are some steps forward and sometimes some steps back, but you can't let the steps back deter you from what you have accomplished."

Senior linebacker Matt Muncy:
"We don't have much time to get sad about this loss because we have a good team coming in here next week (Western Michigan). I think this team has a lot of character because we have a lot of seniors and good leadership, so I feel that we can come back. We know we're a much better team than what we showed today."

"It's disappointing for us because we all felt that we had a good week at practice. I think we all studied them harder than we've done any team this year. We really knew what they were going to do, but they executed, and I think they beat us up a little bit, and I don't think we were ready to go."

"We had the energy. The guys were excited. I never thought that this would happen. It seemed like we just couldn't get one play that would just break it open for us and get a momentum going on our side. You've got to give credit to BG because they came out and played tough the whole game."

Senior wide receiver Will Norwood:
"There was a lot of stuff that we should have got, but we didn't because of little mistakes."

On his touchdown pass:
"We shouldn't have needed a trick play. We should have been winning from the start, but unfortunately we weren't. The offense needed a spark, but we just couldn't get good momentum and couldn't get things rolling."

Senior quarterback Austin Everson:
"I don't think we came out like we wanted to. We didn't start the game moving the ball like we wanted to. We struggled to get it going."

Bowling Green Quotes

Head Coach Gregg Brandon
On the importance of the victory:
"It was a pretty big win for the MAC East because we're back in the race. We're not first, but we're close. This was a MAC East game, and it was definitely one we needed to win."

On putting pressure on the quarterback:
"We talked about that with the kids all week, about putting the pass pressure on because we were able to do that last year against them. We felt that we could do that again and the pressure was relentless. He (Everson) wasn't able to sit in that pocket and be comfortable back there. That was our whole MO - to make sure that he wasn't comfortable, that we had pressure on him and that we could get some hurried throws."

On quarterback Anthony Turner:
"He did a good job running the offense. He's still a little rusty. You know, you miss a week or two, basically he didn't practice much this week. You know that kid's a warrior too. He's banged up and he came out and competed today and helped us get a victory."

On the game:
"We had a lot of game plans. Ohio does such a good job of showing a lot of different looks that it's hard to just lock in on them. One play might look really good and the next time it might look really bad, and you just have to keep working with your coaches and players."

Quarterback Anthony Turner:
"It was very important for me to come back, but it all depended on how my shoulder felt. I didn't want to try and rush it, but the doctor said I could go this week, so I went and started out kind of rusty, but the victory was good."

Defensive Lineman Brad Williams
"I think our defense came out and had a pretty good game. We still have some stuff to work on and get better, but I think overall we had a pretty good game."

"After last week we needed to come out and play our type of football. It was very important for us to get back into Falcon football. I think we showed that today but we need to keep making steps and keep getting better."