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Post-Game Quotes: Ohio vs. Kent State

Oct. 1, 2011

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On injuries and how Ohio's depth affected Kent State:

“I would think they’d be licking their chops.  Obviously, when you line up, when you’re playing a team’s first team, you’re playing their best.  If guys go down and you’re having to substitute, if you have good depth in your program you’re playing with really good football players. Usually, there’s never any advantage there.  Your second-team guys don’t get as many reps as your first, your third-team guys don’t get as many reps as your second.  So it shows sometimes in ballgames.

On struggles putting Kent State away:

“I think it was a good, physical football game.  Both teams gave up yards grudgingly.  We were fortunate to create some turnovers – three interceptions and a fumble recovery – I think we lost one.  So we won that battle.  That, in itself, should help you win the field position battle which should help you win the football game.  But they were able to hang in and make enough plays to keep it very close.”

On having playmakers on offense:

“I think on the offensive side – and we really have playmakers in all three phases, this is probably our most complete team although we’re starting to get beaten up a bit defensively.  LaVon is really a great playmaker with his ability to come out of breaks and just beat one-on-one coverage, so you have to worry about him.  Boykin is one of those guys that always gets yardage on a play – he’s always leaning forward on a run or getting yards after contact.  And I think his touchdown was a special contact kind of play.  One-on-one, when he’s going to come at you, he’s a tremendous back to bring down.  He’s a collision back and you have to love him for it – for how he plays the game.  I thought he caught a couple really key passes in this ballgame too, which helped us.”

On how backups played on defense:

“I was very pleased.  In some cases, you can drop off so much losing the kind of guys that we lost that you’re not the same team and it shows.  But I don’t know that it showed as much as you might think.  Our guys played harder once they realized those two guys were lost and that obviously played a role.  But how it affects us down the road remains to be seen.”

On being 4-1 with injuries and a road game next week at Buffalo:

“We’re going to have to watch how we practice.  Obviously, we’re going to have to make some changes in it.  We’re not going to be able to go at the same pace we’ve been going and think we’re going to be a healthy football team going into next week.  So we’re going to have to back off of what we’re doing a little bit.  I think we have enough experience that we’re going to be able to do that – just make smart decisions on how we handle our football team and try to get as many guys healthy as possible.  I know these guys are going to do all they can in terms of getting treatment to get themselves healthy and get back on the field.  We’ll take a good football team to Buffalo.”