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Postgame Quotes: Ohio vs. Akron

Oct. 13, 2012

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Ryan Boykin, RB, #20, Redshirt Junior

On the score
“I couldn’t be prouder of my teammates.”
“I’m a little disappointed. We had the potential to keep a big lead.”

On AP Poll Rankings
“It’s in the back of our minds, but it doesn’t affect us on the field.”
“We have to keep our foot on the pedal and finish strong.”

Troy Hill, TE, #11, Redshirt Junior

On playing in the absence of Jordan Thompson
“I want to fill in his shoes and make it successful.”

Tyler Tettleton, QB, #4, Redshirt Junior

On the fourth quarter
“We played conservatively, which is something we shouldn’t do but we had no control.”

On the game
“We did a good job answering to their offense.”
“We emphasized getting off to a fast start, but we can’t be conservative and let our foot off the gas.”
“I’m just glad we got the win today.”

On injured teammates
“We’ve been taking it one game at a time. Hopefully we’ll get more guys back in the bye week.”

On his receiving touchdown
“It seemed like the ball was in the air forever, and I just kept telling myself ‘don’t drop it’.”

Beau Blankenship, RB, #22, Redshirt Junior

On Ryan Boykin
“It’s good having someone fresh out there. We have different styles and they complement each other.”

Frank Solich, Head Coach

On the game
“We had ups and downs for both teams.”
“We had an early start, which was pleasing to all.”
“There were two long drives with the running game.”
“We let taking charge of the game slip away.”
“We’re pleased to be 7-0, I’d like to congratulate the coaches and players.”
“We hope to finish off strong.”

On the fourth quarter
“We don’t want to be one-dimensional.”
“We controlled their passing game a little. I was concerned about it.”

On the bye week
“They deserve a rest, so we won’t start practice until Thursday.”
“We need to get them away to heal and to re-energize.”

On the MAC
“I see the MAC as a strong conference.”
“We’ve just got to find a way to win.”



Head Coach Terry Bowden

Opening Statement
“The credit goes to Ohio.  They play like a team that has learned how to win.  They don’t turn the ball over.  They don’t make the field position or kicking game mistakes that we make.  I told our players that we fought just as hard, had just as much positive attitude and had just as much athletic ability as them.  We are not far behind them.  They did the little things early that lead to winning.  We opened up and kicked out of bounds and they got a short field.  They kick to us and we get a 10-yard penalty and we are on the five and can’t get off the end zone.  Then, they score again.  They (Ohio) don’t turn the ball over at all and we turn the ball over.”

On the difference in the game
“Their quarterback (Tyler Tettleton) being the three or four year veteran that he is doesn’t make many mistakes.  Our starter is a one year starter and he makes a few mistakes - that is the difference between a team that’s ready to play for a 7-0 record and us - fighting for a victory.  I am proud of our guys though.  Now it is time to look back and say let’s go see where we can mature as a team and do those little things that a winning team does.”

On Akron’s scoring drive just before halftime
“When Ohio was up 17 right before the half we had a minute to come back and score and I was proud that our guys kept going.  That scoring drive meant a lot to me to see the way they we came back.  We had not done much until that time and so I was very proud of our guys and the way that they played.  I just wish they could have another victory or two up to this point.”

On the potential of the onside kick at the end of the game
“We had the most important thing, momentum.  Our offense had momentum and their defense was on their heels.  They were not sure what they were going to do.  So, we had a few plays that we felt would hurt them, but it was too little too late.  The onside kick went perfect, but we couldn’t get to it before it went out of bounds.”

On Jawon Chisholm’s performance
“I can’t say enough about Jawon Chisholm.  He is our running game and he catches the ball well.  He is a just a relentless running back who will not be denied.  I am so proud of him.  He gives a superhuman effort every day in practice and our players look up to him.  You can see the results on the field.”