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Ohio vs. Eastern Michigan Postgame Quotes

Oct. 19, 2013

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Ohio 56, Eastern Michigan 28
Ohio Football Postgame Notes
Ypsilanti, Mich. | Rynearson Stadium
Attendance: 3,257
Oct. 19, 2013

Head coach Frank Solich
On the game
"We separated ourselves from them late in the third quarter...and wasn't really comfortable for a long, long time in the game. I thought they played hard. They had too much of a running game for us. The key play was when Devin Bass intercepted the pass down in the end zone. They had a great deal of momentum, had scored, had put themselves in position to score again. That play was key."

On the emotions of the game
"I think it was shocking to everybody. Obviously to their team and their coaches, and everybody that knew Demarius Reed. And it happened so quickly. Friday morning, the day before they played. That made it tough on all of us. When we first heard it, obviously we felt badly for the player and his family and Eastern Michigan in general. Then we didn't know for sure whether the game would be played. There was just so many things that were going on at that point and time. I was proud of our team for keeping their focus and also proud of the way Eastern Michigan played in terms of their toughness and playing hard through the course of the game."

Senior QB Tyler Tettleton
On his big numbers despite conditions
"I don't think it affects us too much. We play in it half the time during the season, especially in practice. We're just used to it. It didn't affect us one bit."

On his chemistry with Donte and Chase
"Those guys just make play after play. I think everybody knows Donte and I have a great relationship from being from the same state and living together, we see eye to eye. We have that connection out there that's great. Chase is one of those guys, one of the fastest guys I've every played with. He's come along so far, not only on the deep ball stuff, but the short passing game as well. I love the direction we're headed with that."

On the passing game
"I think everybody knows we want to run the ball and establish that. We've got a lot of guys out on the perimeter that can make plays. Obviously a lot of teams will start keying on Chase, but that will only open up Donte and our other guys to make plays. Hopefully we'll continue to throw it around a little bit and that will open up the running game."

Junior WR Chase Cochran
On making big plays
"We like those matchups every week. We continue to keep going to them, and luckily people respect our run game enough to bite up enough on that so we can throw it up top."

On the close game
"We know, being a MAC team, that every game, that type of stuff happens. Anything can happen in any game. We didn't execute well in the third quarter and they came back on us. It was just a matter of putting a few drives together and I think we did. We executed in all phases and that's why we had success there mid third quarter."

Senior WR Donte Foster
On his relationship with QB Tyler Tettleton
"It's great practice chemistry with Tyler. We work with him every day in practice, that has a lot to do with it. You practice how you play, and that's how he does it in practice.

On the game
"Those are the worst games. You get up and then I felt our team got relaxed, kind of got comfortable. They were going to play all four quarters, just like Central Michigan played four quarters. We learned from that mistake and turned it back on as soon as possible and came out with a win."

On the performance of Chase Cochran
"I can't applaud Chase (Cochran) enough for how far he's come this past year. He's probably the deep ball threat of the MAC right now. It seems like he catches everything down the field and nobody's going to catch him with the speed that he has."

Sophomore CB Devin Bass
On the interception in the end zone
"We were in man. I saw him roll out and I kind of noticed the guy was open and running. I kind of came off my guy and shouldn't have. (read the QBs eyes) "I made a decision to go with the man that was open. Next thing you know, he throws the ball there."

On the momentum swing following the interception
"We did need something, something to ignite our team. We fired 21 points at them in the first quarter. We just needed something to get us going again. The following play, the offense throws the touchdown -- it was exactly what we needed."

On whether it was tough to play today?
"We felt bad for Eastern. We really sympathize with them. If that happened to any of our guys, I can only imagine how we would take that. But we came here is a goal at hand. We couldn't let anything else be a distraction to what we wanted to do. We pray for them, but we still came here to do our job."