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Postgame Quotes: Ohio vs. Miami

Frank Solich

Oct. 27, 2012

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At the end of the game, what was the thinking in trying to get one more play off?

There was plenty of time to get a play off, either you throw a touchdown pass or you throw it away. Obviously with no timeouts left you don't have a chance to tell Tyler to throw the ball out of bounds. But with all of his training, he's so sharp, and everything that he's done throughout the course of time that he's been here and the snaps that he's taken and the coaching that he has gotten indicates that, in that situation, he knows what to do.

What were Tyler's instructions on that play?

Throw it away. Now, in saying that, obviously he took us down the field and did a good job executing. There were many opportunities to get ourselves involved in this football game at a much higher level and we did not get that done. First and goal at the five-yard line and we had a chance to put seven points on the board and we didn't get it done.

How does it feel right now that a guy who's made so many good decisions the last few years maybe didn't make the best decision at the end of the game?

He has made so many good plays for us that put us in the position we were in. It doesn't come down to one player; it doesn't come down to one side of the ball. We could have played better on both sides of the ball and in special teams.

Why did you change your mind on kicking that 56-yard field goal in the third quarter?

I think he had the leg, but if it goes wide they have great field position. It looked like it was coming down to a field position battle to some degree. We did not want to miss the three and give up that much field position.

How much discussion was there among the coaches to even run a play with nine seconds left?

Not much. We wanted to win it right there and nine seconds is plenty of time to get a play off. Knowing that it's a throw, either the guy's there or he's not there. If he's not there then you line up for a field goal the next play.

You lost a lot today on paper with the rankings and the BCS standings and history says the MAC East goes down to the final weeks; how are you going to bring these guys back mentally?

We just go back to what we've been about since they stepped on campus. Our goal was to get ready to play the best that we can play every time we step on the field and to take everything one game at a time, and that's what we revert back to right now. We've got a tough stretch ahead of us; we're going to play three games in 12 days, so that's not easy for any football team. We'll line up and be focused on Eastern Michigan and do the best we can to prepare for them and to play football against the Eagles, and hopefully get a win.