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Postgame Quotes: Ohio vs. Eastern Michigan

Nov. 1, 2012

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Donte Foster, #3, WR, Redshirt Junior

On the game
A lot of guys look at me to make plays. I feel like I need to capitalize, and Tyler Tettleton threw me a great pass, so I did capitalize.

On his 79-yard touchdown catch
It was a simple return route. Tyler Tettleton gave me the pass, Tyler Futrell made a good block for me, and all I saw was green field to run. I was just looking for open space, after Tyler Futrell's block it was off to the races. I felt like I needed to prove I was fast to the team.

On coming back after Miami
It felt good to get back on track; we made a quick turnaround. I wasn't pleased with the Miami game and I felt that we needed to make a statement.

Ryan Boykin, #20, RB, Redshirt Junior

On the game
It seemed like everything was clicking, every hole was open. I couldn't give enough credit to the linemen. And all of the running backs did well; I'm proud of them. I have faith in those guys and I'm happy coach had faith in me and thought I could get the first down.

Tyler Tettleton, #4, QB, Redshirt Junior

On the game
We just stepped it up and we converted on third downs.

On coming back after Miami
I just tried to get down there and score. You don't think about past situations. I just wanted to move on and do what we were doing before Miami and do it one game at a time. I wanted to get back in the win column and we did. It was in the past, so there was nothing I could do about it. I move on and look ahead. Another week, a new game: it's the only way you can approach it.

Frank Solich, Head Coach

On the game
It was finally a game where we were able to separate ourselves in the second half and have a cushion at the end. I think it was a combination of making big plays in passing and having a strong rushing game throughout the game. Being as balanced as we were lets us win football games. We seem to be pretty good at operating the two-minute drill and getting things done in short amount of time. I was pleased with the outcome early on, and I thought maybe it would be a game where we'd lead but they'd stay close, and then we'd be in a game that came down to the end. I believe it was the first game that we lost the turnover battle, but it was good to see we could still win the game. The fact that they didn't get back on the board and that we had an offense that was productive, that's what separated us in the second half.

On coming back after Miami
Last week didn't even cross my mind. Last week was what it was.

On the future schedule
We're 8-1 and we need momentum going into the Bowling Green game, who is obviously a good football team. We've got nothing but challenges left on our schedule.



Quotes from Eastern Michigan

Head Coach Ron English on the difference in the game
I think the big momentum swing was when we drove the ball and then threw an interception (Keith Moore's interception with 13:04 left in the fourth quarter). That would have got us back to within two possessions, but we threw a pick and we didn't get any points out of it. I think the team got deflated then. When you are suffering through a tough season like we are, then guys let down a little bit.

Coach English on the offense
We knew we needed to establish the run to be able to move the ball. I thought we did that, I just thought that we were indecisive in the passing game. I thought the quarterback (Tyler Benz) looked at the rush a little bit as the game went along. He is a young quarterback and he just has to learn to go through his progressions and right now he is struggling to do that.

Coach English on the special teams
The punt team did a nice job. Ohio's kicker did a great job because we have a returner that can do some things. He (Matt Weller) just kicked the ball deep most of the time. So, we struggled there because we didn't get opportunities. As far as the punt team, I thought Jay (Karutz) did a nice job and Ohio really handled our gunners which affected the return yards. I was disappointed in the fact that we did not cover as well as we have all year.