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Ohio vs. Temple Post Game Quotes

Nov. 2, 2007

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Ohio Head Coach Frank Solich

In regards to the similarity of this wins to games last year:

I think there are some similarities there to what we did last year.  We obviously needed to control the ball on these guys and I think that getting the running game going was crucial because they've got a physical football team. Defensively there was only one big play they gave up and defensively I thought they played pretty well.


On the running game:

Well we got a combination of things in the running game that helps us and obviously we're beat up a little bit up front but those guys have done a tremendous job and they come out and move the ball pretty good.  When you look at us from a running standpoint, Kalvin is a back that gets the yardage that's not there.  Some backs, you block four yards and you'll get four yards.  Kalvin, if you block four yards you might get ten.  That's a great way of keeping drives alive.  We call on our receivers to block downfield and they did probably they're best job of the year.


On the importance of the last drive:

That was crucial in terms of getting 3 points on the board to make it a 16 point differential.  It was crucial in terms of taking time off the clock and it was just a great way for those guys to finish the game offensively.


On this being the best game overall:

It might be.  Just from standing on the sidelines it appears both side of the ball were playing very well, very physical.  I can't think of a game where we played as well on both sides as we did.  I think it's been a team that has been improving a team that's been getting better every week.  They've found ways to get better.


On playing smart football:

Obviously we came though a stretch there a third of the way into the season where everything jumped on us.  We kind of fell apart a little bit.  In terms of penalties and turnovers and that's an extremely bad combination of things to not be doing well and still expect to win football games.  We were our own worst enemy there for a period of time. But you keep coaching it, they keep practicing and obviously the focus, where it's been has made a little bit of a difference.  Its not they we weren't focusing but we identified the things that we need to do better to absolutely win the games.


On quarterback Brad Bower stepping in:

Since he's been here he's been a very composed football player.  He's been a great leader and for the past 2 weeks he's been prepared. We appreciate what he's been all about, and he did a great job coming in off the bench and performing when we needed him.


On Theo Scott's injury:

We would have kept our starting quarterback in had he been able to play effectively.


In regards to the fake field goal:

It was a well designed play that didn't work.  What ended up happening was it was set up pretty good; if it wasn't set up, if it didn't work with the motion guy we were prepared to call a time out, we had basic coverage.  The only thing we didn't have was what happened. I was too busy giving my side of it to really hear what they (the referees) were saying in it.  But it's just something that happened.


On running back Vince Davidson:

Vince is a very good running back.  We've got a couple of great freshman running backs I think the future is bright as far as that position is concerned.  Vince is great at gliding, sliding, and then he's a physical runner. He's got the right combination of things to be good. 


On Temple quarterback Vaughn Charlton:

That's the combination they've got.  It's obvious that (Adam) DiMichele (Temple's injured starting quarterback) gave them more mobility.  Both of those guys have got good game experience now so it didn't matter. What ever we were facing, we were going to face.  It's obviously a very different style of quarter back though.


In regards to injured players:

I'll be anxious to get to the training room and see how are guys are.  That game wasn't put away until right at the very end so it wasn't a deal where we were trying to rest anybody. 


Ohio quarterback Brad Bower
On staying prepared to go in off the bench:

No. 2 is one snap away from getting back in.  I went in and did my job ... just executed and did what I had to do to help this team get a "W."


The hardest thing for me is getting warmed up.  I have to stay in the game the whole time, preparing myself for anything and trying to help out in anyway that I can.


Ohio running back Kalvin McRae
On the game:

It was just another situation where we had our backs against the wall and we had to come out and win.  It was a great job with the team sticking together ... the defense made plays and the offense capitalized when we had the opportunity.


On another accomplishing another record (19 career 100-yard games):

Having the guys up front and around me makes my job easier.  They do a great job blocking; without them I wouldn't get anything.


On Vince Davidson:

Vince is going to be a good running back for us.  It was great that he was able to get snaps because we are going to need him for next year.


Ohio linebacker Lee Renfro

On getting back to .500:

We thought of it as a new year, a new season, with a new approach [after the losing streak].  We became strong as a team.  Guys started stepping up and doing what they were asked to do. I look forward to seeing these next couple of games because if we keep playing like we have been we could be a dangerous team.


On producing a season low in points and yardage allowed:

We have always known that we were a good defense, but we had to come together as a team.  All that came together tonight and we were able to execute the best that we have all season.


Temple Head Coach Al Golden

On the performance of his team:

It was not good, I think that we got out-toughed by a tough team, a mature team, a physically strong team and their goal obviously was to get back to 5-5, try to get back to the post season, and they were more physical than we were today.


On Kalvin McRae's performance against his team:

I don't know what the final numbers were but I thought that we were hanging in there with him (McRae) but there were just too many things going wrong on defense in terms of mental errors, as I said in the beginning of the week, if we want to win a big game on the road, we got to out work the home team, we didn't do that. We got to out execute them which means you have to eliminate mental errors and variables and we didn't do that on defense and ... its just a shame


On the game's physicality:

We just got outworked and out-toughed by a physical team; physically mature and tough team. This is a physically rugged and tough outfit here and that was my chief concern going into the game, could we hold up to them physically and they were just tougher than us today. They kicked our butts up front on both sides.


On the play of Temple's defense:

I don't know what it was, a lack of focus, I don't know, I couldn't tell you what it was, the first time they've been in this situation, we tried to push them through it, we didn't get it done, so the buck stops with me, I'm disappointed with the way we played.


On his team's offensive execution:

There were a lot of three and outs today I know that and we didn't convert very well on third down, we got beat in all three phases and we had some very untimely penalties that cost us tremendously.


On taking his young team on the road against an experienced ball club:

We needed the bye week, this team I told you was going to be rugged, tough, and their mature and an older team. They've got 20 kids over there in shirts on the sidelines that's because all of their freshman are being redshirted. They're playing two true freshman on this whole team, that's the difference between us and them. That's what we got to face, we're not running from that. We got to look it in the eye and get stronger and move forward.


Temple wide receiver Bruce Francis

On his team's effort:

A lot of people felt like we have to not play as hard to win, but we got a big wake up because Ohio's a good team. I think it was a lack of finishing on offense, we didn't finish well this game, I think a lot of people lost their focus, I feel like we didn't play well as an offense today.


On replacement quarterback Vaughn Charlton:

This was Vaughn's first full game starting at quarterback and he was a little rocky at times but we didn't get it done as a whole."


On catching a team-high eight passes for 101 yards and a touchdown:

It's not that I'm his (Vaughn's) favorite target but when we game plan, we game plan for the coverage's and it's just a matter of the receivers getting open. It's just a matter of him (Vaughn) going out there and making his read.