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Ohio vs. Toledo Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 5, 2005

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Ohio Coach Frank Solich Quotes

On Toledo's football program:
"They are a very good football team, I think, in all areas, and there's a reason why their program is where it's at and why they went to a bowl last year."

"They've got a fine football team. I don't see any truly weak areas on that football team either offensively or defensively, and so we're striving to get our program where their program is at."

On Ohio's performance tonight:
"Can we play better and do we have to play better? Yes. And we can't afford to miss tackles like we did in the ball game. There were a few things on offense that we certainly could have done better also. But all in all, I was proud of their effort on the football field and I thought they played hard for four quarters, but we've also got to play smart."

On the points Toledo scored on drives aided by Ohio penalties:
"Virtually, the 10 points that separated us we should have been able to avoid and prevent. Now that doesn't mean that they wouldn't have had other drives where they could come back and get points on the board, but we hurt ourselves in some crucial situations."

Ohio running back Kalvin McRae
When asked whether reaching the 1,000 yard mark was important to him:
"No. Winning was. Winning was the most important fact on my mind coming into this game. Reaching 1,000 yards is good and dandy but, I said it before, and I'll say it again, I'll give up yardage for a win any day."

Ohio cornerback Dion Byrum
When asked about how missed tackles and penalties affected the outcome of tonight's game:
"We made a lot of mistakes tonight on the defense. We had a few opportunities to get them in punting situations and we blew it with penalties. To me, I feel like we lost that game on the defensive end."

"We weren't sound like we were supposed to be. The penalties really hurt us. If we could have just made those plays and get them to make three-and-outs, that would gave our offense more opportunities."

Toledo Head Coach Tom Amstutz
Regarding the 3rd quarter:
"It got our guys up a little bit. They were down a little bit more in their running game. It got to be more of a one dimensional team."

Regarding last week's game:
"We've been in this position before. We've come back after a loss and won championships; we talked about that after the last game. The last one [game] we had a tough loss. We didn't lose the game, we ran out of time. That's the attitude of our players."

On future games:
"We have two more games to play and I feel good about our team."

Toledo quarterback Bruce Gradkowski
"This was a huge game for us. We were coming off of a loss and we came right back on the road and got a victory."

"We were able to do everything on offense - run the football, throw the football. It was a great overall win."

"We just need to build on it. We're 1-0 right now with two more left."