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Ohio 45, ULM 14: Independence Bowl Postgame Quotes

Frank Solich

Dec. 29, 2012

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Coach Frank Solich
Opening statement: "I thought it was a great game in terms of our football team playing extremely well on both sides of the ball - on the offensive side and the defensive side - and I thought we did a great job on special teams. It was probably as complete a ballgame as we've played for some time. I think our guys came with great intensity. I thought we had a great deal of heart and showed that we're capable of playing this kind of a game against a very good Monroe football team. We'd like to say thank you to the Independence Bowl for what they've done during our time here. We've had a great stay, some great people. It's a great bowl game and we're proud to have been part of it."

On the passing success: "They did give us a lot of man coverage and their safety supports on the run very, very quickly. Obviously, those were designed man routes to try to put points on the board quickly and to try to make some big plays. We were able to get it done and once we hit a few of those that opened up some other things to do with the shorter game and also the running game a little bit. I think the quick start and the big plays at the beginning were a big help to us."

On winning two bowls in a row: "It feels great. Obviously we won in Boise and it was the first bowl win ever for our university and it was tremendous, but this one equals it. Obviously getting on a little bit of a streak is in the right direction and what you're after. I'm so proud of our guys to be able to get that done."

On having fun in the season and at the bowl: "We started off great and it was a fun season and we were enjoying ourselves. Some things happened and we weren't playing at the level that I think we probably should be and I think we all pressed. Some of us as players pressed, some of us as coaches pressed and so we were just glad to get back to really enjoying the game and just having some fun with it."

Tyler Tettleton | Junior | Quarterback | #4
On the passing success: "We knew we were going up against a really good, aggressive front seven and our game plan was to take some shots down the field and let our playmakers make plays. They did today and they stepped up in a big way." On the quick scoring: "That's what we're about. We're about that hurry up, fast tempo type of offense. We've been really emphasizing that to go fast and that's crazy to score like that."

On if he planned to pass so well early: "I just kind of see how it plays out, but those guys up front make me so comfortable and they give me enough time to get our playmakers the ball. I'm so thankful for all the guys around me and I'm so thankful that we got this done."

Beau Blankenship | Junior | Running Back | #22
On how winning this bowl ranks among his experiences growing up with Tettleton: "It's a great experience and this is just awesome going out here and finishing the season like this. We had some great experiences growing up together and this definitely ranks up there. It's just great to have everyone around you to celebrate with you."

On everything clicking so well: "Today we were kind of hitting on all cylinders and Tyler opened up the run as he was making plays downfield and so there were a lot of yards out there. The coaches did a great job of coming up with a game plan to make plays and set the tempo. It's just awesome to be a part of that offense when it gets going like that."