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Catching Up With LaVon Brazill

LaVon Brazill will travel to Indianapolis this week to compete among the nation's elite athletes.

Feb. 20, 2012

ATHENS, Ohio - This past season, former Ohio football player LaVon Brazill posted the best statistical numbers by a wide receiver in single season school history, setting five program records en route to helping the Bobcats to their first-ever bowl victory in the 2011 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.

Following the season, Brazill received an invitation to the 2012 NFL Draft Combine in Indianapolis. On Thursday, Brazill will head to Lucas Oil Field - site of Super Bowl XLVI - to take part in this year's event. Recently, the Florida native took time away from his schedule to chat with ohiobobcats.com.


OhioBobcats.com: Since the end of the 2011 season, have you had a chance to look back on the year and is there anything that you will remember for the rest of your life?

LaVon Brazill: "I have really been focusing a lot of my time on the combine, so I haven't really had a chance to look back on this season too much, but there are some things that I will never forget. Helping Ohio University win its first-ever bowl game is something I will never forget that's for sure."


OB.com: What's been the biggest difference you've noticed in training for the NFL Draft?

LB: "Training for a chance to compete in the National Football League is way different then training for another season in college football that's for sure. You have different types of lifting that you have to do for different types of your body and there are many different techniques that you have to do to get yourself prepared for the combine."


OB.com: Have you had a chance to reach out to some of your former teammates, who are going through the same type of training you're going through?

LB: "A little bit, but not too much. Everyone is just so busy right now. I did send a text to Riley (Dunlop) the other day and he said that he was doing real well training down in Cincinnati. He said that he was looking forward to seeing me at our Pro Day at Ohio University."


OB.com: Have the dates Feb. 22-28 - the dates of the NFL Combine - been circled on your calendar for a long time?

LB: "Absolutely! Ever since I got that invitation, those dates has been in the back of my head all month long, so I'm just getting myself prepared for those dates."


OB.com: Do you ever think about the fact that you'll be competing in the NFL Combine at some location where the Super Bowl was held just couple weeks ago? Does that go into your mind at all?

LB: "It goes through my mind a little bit. I never thought I would be in the same stadium where they played the Super Bowl. It may be a little shocking at first, but once I get out there I'm sure I'll be fine."


OB.com: What is your plan for the NFL Combine? Do you plan on doing all the drills for the scouts to see?

LB: "My plan at the NFL Combine is to run the 40-yard dash, run routes and do the bench press. I will also be at Ohio University's Pro Day in March, but my main focus right now is to do well at the NFL Combine this week."


OB.com: Where have you been training and has it been a good experience?

LB: "I have been training at the D-1 Columbus training facility and it has been a great experience so far. I have been training with Eric Lichter and he really knows what he's talking about. He's got a lot of expierence and he's been great to work with."


OB.com: Have you been to receive any advice from current NFL players, while working out at the D-1 Columbus facility?

LB: "I've had an opportunity to receive some guidance from NFL wide receivers Lance Moore and Anthony Gonzales. Both of those guys have been very helpful."


OB.com: Is there one particular team that you would love to play for in the NFL?

LB: "Not really. I just want a chance. There are so many great players in the NFL, so I would be happy with any team that takes me in the draft."