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PATH TO THE DRAFT: Tremayne Scott

Tremayne Scott

March 19, 2013

ATHENS, Ohio - With the NFL Draft approaching, several former Ohio University football players are working hard to prepare themselves for the chance of a lifetime. Recently, OhioBobcats.com had a chance to catch up with former Ohio defensive lineman Tremayne Scott as he prepares for the 2013 NFL Draft.

Have you had a real chance to savior the bowl win? Only 17 teams can say they have won back-to-back bowl games.
"Yeah, I spent a lot of the time thinking about it and even talking about it to the scouts that ask me about the game, because it really was my fourth game coming back from injury. That's one of the games the scouts like to talk about. I definitely look back at that game as one of the best games I have been a part of at Ohio University."

Take us back to that game you had, it was pretty amazing, five tackles, two sacks and your first career interception coming in your last game. Did that performance justify what you had already thought about your abilities?
"Yeah, definitely, during the season I was upset that I wasn't able to be out there with my teammates and watching us go through that slump at the end we had to go through. It was really hard on me at first, and once everyone realized and I realized that once we got into the Independence Bowl, right then and there I just wanted to make the most of it. In practice I was just trying to make the most of every rep and the game plan going in was amazing. For the coaches to utilize me the way they did, it allowed me to get up in the two-point stance rather than have me get in my regular three-point stance and I think that helped me out with my foot during the game. I give so much credit to the coaches, the way they used me during the game had never done been during my time at Ohio University."

Tell us a little how you have been preparing for the NFL Draft?
"Right after leaving Athens in the beginning of January, I got a chance to stay home for three or four days in Florida. The place I trained at in Dallas was great, there were 12-15 of us that are entering the draft this year and then there are about six or seven guys that came back after their NFL season to continue their workouts in the offseason. We worked out Monday through Saturday, so we have a six-day workout. We work on drills everyday that I have to perform at Pro-day, maybe half the time we're doing agility drills. We'll get picked-up at 8:30 a.m. then workout from 9:30 until about 2:30. I have the best of both world's - working out with NFL players and players just like me trying to grind and get to where the NFL players are at."

What is the name of the facility you're training at?
"Fourth and inches is the facility I am at and it's ran by Noel Scarlett. He is a really good trainer, he has some good assistants. Noel Scarlett has been in this business for 10-plus years now; he has several years in the NFL with Minnesota and he finished his career with the Dallas Cowboys. Coach Powell also played with the Cowboys and finished his career in the Canadian League. It's a good group and the things I have learned as far as the combine and just the knowledge of the game from this point on has helped me out a lot."

Working out and preparing for the combine almost seems like a full-time job - is that true?
"It's definitely a full-time job. It's a consistent workout, I had to get in the rhythm during my first week of work. But now toward the end of the training, I have gotten used to the workouts."

What do you think you have improved the most on in terms of your physical performance?
"I think I have much more explosiveness. I've been working on getting off the ball quicker. Anything that has to do with explosion has made me a lot better."

How do you feel about your health at this point, do you feel like the foot is completely healed?
"I feel like it is better than it was at the bowl game, so I feel good. I had a little bit of time after the bowl game to let it rest before coming in and working out on it. My trainer is really good on asking me about my foot and if I sit out during a drill, he understands. It's good to have a trainer that understands where you're coming from as far as injuries and who listens to what I have to say."

You played in the Texas vs. the Nation All-Star game in the month of February how great of an experience was it to play in that game?
"That was a great experience. I got a chance to see a lot of different players from other teams that I haven't had the pleasure of going against. It was a good group of athletes that were out there. I had a chance to hang out with Eric Herman at the game and that was great. I had the chance to play enough to show my talent, both at linebacker and defensive end. I'm glad I got that experience to play outside linebacker and defensive end to show scouts that I can play both positions."

Do you know what position the scouts are looking for you to play?
"In talking to my agent, I'm being looked at as a 4-3 defensive end and also a 3-4 outside linebacker."

What was it like to leave campus, was it difficult for you to leave Athens?
"It snuck up on me really quick. Even the moment before the bowl game, I didn't look at it as `this is going to be my last game or I'm not going to be Ohio University anymore', so it didn't really hit me until moving out my apartment and driving my car back home to Florida."

Are you going to be back on campus for Ohio University's pro-day?
"Oh yes, definitely"

Have you had a chance to think about all the accomplishments you've had as a team. This four-year period is the most successful period in Ohio University history, what does that mean to you?
"It means a lot. I've been really honored to play with these guys that I came in with. For us to win eight plus games for the last four years has been amazing. The environment we had as a team carried us to so much success. I've definitely enjoyed it and I believe that if you ask any of the seniors they would say the same thing."

Are you going to come back to watch some games next year?
"Yeah, that's the plan! I would love to make it back for a game or two next year."