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Ohio Kicks Off 2008 Spring Practice

April 2, 2008

ATHENS, Ohio-The Ohio football squad started the 2008 spring season in fine fashion Wednesday with a lively practice at Peden Stadium. The team went through approximately two hours of drills during the afternoon workout and smoothed out all the kinks from the winter break. Below are quotes following the day's practice:


Head Coach Frank Solich

On the first practice:

I think everybody enjoyed being out here. All of our players and coaches were eager to really to get back to work I was really happy with the level of enthusiasm. We only have 15 practices so you've got to make them all count. I thought we got off to a pretty good start.


On the junior college student-athletes' (Hilton Dawson III, Boo Jackson, Corey Moncrief and Patrick Tafua) participation in spring workouts:

It was good to get them out there practicing as well. All of them are good people in addition to being good student-athletes. We feel good about them being part of the program.


On having the final spring practice (Monday, April 28) after the Spring Game:

We needed to go the first two days in pads, so we slid Monday's practice back to today and today's back to Friday. The last practice would be after spring ball if we have it. That is also a time when coaches are allowed to be on the road recruiting and some of our guys are itching to get on the road so maybe we'll look at a way to get that last practice in prior to the Spring Game. We're looking at different options and, if we do go on that last Monday, the emphasis placed on that workout will depend on how the other 14 practices went.


On the development of the offense without Kalvin McRae:

We have four tailbacks that I feel very good about right now. We may have a situation during games where we are able to always keep a fresh tailback in there. We're a long ways away from that first ball game, but all of those guys have shown some ability.


Junior quarterback Theo Scott

On the first practice:

I think it went all right. We just have to get used to the rhythm of things. Last year, there was a little bit of a learning curve and this year, I'm already feeling more confident. Right now, we just have to get the guys together and get on the same page. Football is 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical.


On the offense's look without Kalvin McRae:

I don't think it will change that much. Kalvin was obviously a great running back and I take my hat off to him. I think we can spread it out a little more this year because we have a lot of talent. We have a lot of talented guys back there (at tailback) who are really having fun.


On what he hoped to accomplish with the first practice:

My whole thing out there is just to take mental notes. I believe I have the physical ability and I believe in myself. That's one thing that a quarterback has to have to make good decisions. I'm trying to focus on doing things with my mind more than relying on just my arms and legs to make plays. The mental part; that's just were I'm trying to focus my improvement right now.


On how much potential the upcoming season has:

Oh, it's off the charts right now. We have some new additions to the team and it's going to be very interesting once we start playing other people. We have great coaches here so I really think the sky is the limit.


Wide Receivers Coach Dwayne Dixon

On the early progress of the receiving corps:

To be out here on the first day and not have to tell them where to line up every play has been rewarding. These guys have put the time in, working together on their own and it has helped our team. Today was the first day and we looked pretty polished. I think they've seen that the sacrifices they made this summer have paid off.


On Taylor Price and LaVon Brazill:

Both of those guys will play faster because they have more confidence in what they're doing. They're basically the veteran guys right now and there are some other guys that are hungry to get on the field. Our mission is to get those guys ready this spring.


On who stood out to him on Day 1:

LaVon did some good things today and you can tell he's running his routes better. Robert Mercer is another guy you can tell put in some time during the break. Terrence McCrae is more knowledgeable about what's happening now at more than just one position. His size and range will certainly help us as well.