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2008 Spring Practice-Day 3

April 5, 2008

Senior defensive end Jameson Hartke

On his goals for the season:

I'm not setting goals yet. I'm not setting goals until fall camp rolls around. As far as the team goes, I want to win a MAC Championship and a bowl game. I'd like to have a better record than we even had during the 2006 season.


Defensive Line Coach Steve Stanard

On the level of talent at the position:

I'm very encouraged. You always compare things to where you were before you came here and I'm really happy. We have some big strong guys who are out there working hard right now. I know we lost a couple of inside guys in Landon Cohen and Brett Sykes and I feel good about some of the leaders we have coming back. Having Jameson out there and moving Ernie (Hodge) inside are things that will be big for us. We have a chance to be very solid and deep too. You better be two or three deep to be able to last the season.


On Ernie Hodge:

He's doing good. It's hard to get back into "football shape" until you're able to get out there and get back to it, so he's got to continue to work at that. He's doing well though. He's playing the "three-technique" now as opposed to defensive end. He's a good football player and understands the game.


On Jameson Hartke:

He's a real pleasure to coach. We're doing a few things differently and he's bought into it fast. He's a very coachable guy and listens well. I just want to help him take his game to the next level and he's just working hard to do that. I just couldn't be happier because sometimes when you're going into your senior year and you start doing some things differently, old habits are hard to break. He hasn't had any problem with it. He's jumped right in and made the adjustments we want and hasn't missed a beat.


On the right defensive end position:

We have had good competition across the front four but right now at that right end spot we have a lot of guys competing for playing time. The key is to find out who your starters are and then build your depth off of that. That's your key to the spring.


On the position overall:

We have a good, solid group up front. I think it can be a real strength for us defensively and it's going to need to be. We have a group of big, strong guys who are buying into what we want to do. We're just making some subtle adjustments to what we were doing technique-wise last year. They are adjusting to me and I'm adjusting to them and, on top of that, the work ethic is there. We have a real chance to have some quality depth.