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2011 Spring Practice - Day Six

April 6, 2011

Defensive Coordinator Jimmy Burrow

On the progress of Gerald Moore:

He's getting there and I know he had a lot of work in the bowl preparation so that helped. Coming off that type of injury, there's going to be a long recovery time allotted. Hopefully by the end of spring ball, he'll be back to full speed. Just starting out, he's able to move well but not to the point where he was before the injury but hopefully that comes back. Mentally, he's very sharp and his leadership skills are starting to show. He's the old man of the group, but not necessarily an old man.


On starters and the defensive backfield as a whole:

Not really. We rotate them around. One day they'll be in one group and then the next day they'll be in another; just moving on from there. It's a learning experience and it will be interesting sorting out who can play, physically and mentally. It's tough because you don't get a lot of scrimmage reps so you want to see who can tackle and all that but it's a group that's willing to learn and do the right things. When it's all said and done, we'll have a nice group.


Defensive Lineman Curtis Meyers

On the defensive line corps:
As of now we have the No. 1 D-line out there. The front four will be pretty solid and we have guys behind us that have been in the program that can step up this year. We have a ton of freshman so me and Jeff King, the seniors, are going to have to guide them in the right direction.

On his tattoo and what it means to him:
That's a quote from my father. When you have setbacks you have to turn them around. There weren't many setbacks last year, just except for the way we finished. Losing that game to Kent State left a bad taste in our mouth and we just want to be able to turn things around this season.  


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